Monday, November 16, 2015

Update from Last Post

I forgot to mention another neat example in my last post. This happened last week.

I was looking out my back window noticing hundreds of birds swarming the neighborhood. They flew in large groups and were gravitating to one home in particular. Suddenly I had this thought to call upon the Hosts of Heaven in that moment to clear out our neighborhood of any darkness/evil. Not that the birds were evil or manifesting it, but I felt as though they would allow me to witness the reality of what happens when someone makes this request.

After asking for the Hosts of Heaven to come down and tear down all of Satan's operations going on in our neighborhood, I said amen. As soon as I said "amen" every single bird on the entire street seemed to be spooked. They all flew at once out of every back yard on the block, in a chaotic swarm as quickly as they could. They darted clear away from our entire neighborhood, out onto the main road and landed on a power line. I waited and watched - not one bird ventured back into anyone's yard. They continued flying away from our area. The rest of the day was very quiet and seemed to be free of birds.

Yes, I imagined what those birds might have seen. The loud supernatural sounds and sights of those fierce Hosts of Heaven coming down from the Heavens and into our neighborhood. It's even possible that they saw the darkness flee first. Maybe that's what spooked them. But one thing is for certain - those birds saw something!

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