Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Miracle Almost Unnoticed

Last Sunday, we were on our way to the Provo Temple dedication. It was me, my husband and our son Gabe. When we opened up the house door to the garage we realized that the garage door was wide open. We had checked the night before and made sure it was closed, so this was puzzling.

We checked through the garage to make sure nothing had been stolen and all seemed well. So, we hopped in the car and headed on over to the church. Just as we were turning left through the intersection, we heard a loud noise and the car jumped. Almost like we had driven over something and it popped the tire or broke the wheel. As we continued to drive, the car made a weird sound from the back and it seemed to wobble and shake as if we had a flat tire or something worse. As we looked out the back window and all around, there was nothing in the rode we could have driven over - not even a hole. It was a smooth, clean intersection.

Suddenly Gabe and I came to the same speculation. What if the adversary had opened our garage? What if he had tried to mess with our car so that we would miss the temple dedication? Gabe and I both realized that we had forgot to ask for protection in our prayers the night before - something we always asked for. In that moment I had a feeling of peace come over me. I could see in my mind angels coming to the rescue and repairing the problem while we were driving. I knew that by the time we stopped the car - we'd find nothing.

The car continued to wobble as we pulled into the church and parked. We all jumped out and checked the back tires. Nothing! They seemed just fine. We looked under the car and looked at the front tires. Everything was completely normal. So, we headed into the church and enjoyed a beautiful dedication. When we came out, I had the feeling that our car would not wobble anymore and that the angels had fixed it. Sure enough, as we started it and began to pull out, there was no wobble and no sign of anything out of the ordinary. It has now been three days, and the car has had no sign of any kind of trouble.

God is amazing and it's so humbling to think about the many times that He thwarts the enemy's plans - without us even realizing it. How many times have we been on the brink of danger or destruction, but the Lord intervened before we even knew what the enemy was up to? I felt as though in this situation, the enemy was allowed to go so far with his plans so that we would recognize the Lord's hand in our lives in that moment. We would be reminded that when things can't be explained - the Lord is behind it. It's a good thing!

I share my testimony that God is more powerful than the adversary. He is always in control and His will is always triumphant. With that knowledge we can have peace that we don't always have to understand or comprehend the "why" behind the circumstances in our lives. We can just trust that the Lord knows what He is doing, and everything works out for our good in His due time. We just need to trust Him, and then receive His peace. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

I found a similar story online and thought I would share:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Husband's Dream

My husband had a dream two nights ago that there was a storm. All the trees in our yard bent over and broke. Then it moved onto the neighbors yard and their trees also bent over and snapped. He thought it a very strange dream. My husband seldom has dreams, and rarely remembers them or shares them with me. I knew this dream was of importance.

I told him that trees represent the family so this dream would mean that a coming storm is going to try and "break" families. I have seen this already happening in my neighborhood.  

I saw this as reminder that we need to shield our home, property and family daily. A day that goes by without prayer or request of Divine protection, is a day that the adversary can infiltrate. The power of prayer is real. The power of the Hosts of Heaven is mighty.

I'm going to put my prayer emphasis on my neighborhood and all the sweet families in my ward and stake. Every morning and night. I think it's great that we pray for our neighborhoods and communities. We don't have to accept or tolerate darkness. We can call upon Heaven to attack it anytime. As we do this, and then ask for Divine protection to keep darkness from coming back in, we can be triumphant!

My marriage and relationship with my children is the best it has ever been right now. It's too important to leave vulnerable to the enemy. I know we have been blessed because of this daily Divine protection. It's my prayer that other families will not yield to the lies and traps of Satan and that they will have the strength to ask for help, and not try to fight the battle on their own. I know that angels are always standing by ready to come fight on our behalf. We just need to ask.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My New Book!


I'm so excited to announce this new book! This is why my posts have been scarce lately. I have been working around the clock to get this book written and published. It's very near and dear to my heart and the story behind it is amazing! I'm giving it away as a free gift between today and Saturday on Amazon. Hope it inspires!