Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Real Voice of Warning

A dear friend of mine shared this experience with me and it has reminded me of the reality of angels in our life. They are always around us on the Lord's errand and protecting us!

I have had many great spiritual experiences, but the most dramatic one was when I was about 16 years old.

My brother had been dating a girl, two counties over from where we lived.  I had been bugging my brother over and over to take me to meet her as their relationship was getting serious, so finally one Sunday afternoon after church he gave in to his little sister and we started driving over to meet her.  We had been driving for a while when an audible voice said to me “prepare for an accident”; I looked over at my brother and said "what did you say?" he responded “I didn't say anything”.  I was taken- back by his answer as I just knew I heard him say that.  

As I was meditating on the situation, the voice came to me a second time and said “prepare for an accident”; I looked over at my brother and ask him again "what did you say?" , he replied again he hadn't said anything; at this response I was getting agitated and I blurted out; "you did to! I heard you!" and he still insisted he hadn't said anything. 

As we were driving along the audible voice again spoke the same words and this time it was so powerful it felt like a bolt of lightning going through my body and I bolted in my seat and exclaimed "OK!"  he now had my attention as he proceeded to give me instructions.  He told me when he said “now” I was to hit the floor and put my arms up over my head. In those days there were no seat belts and I was riding in the front passenger seat known then as the death seat. We drove a little longer and the road was a rolling country road when all of a sudden a car coming toward us was driving in the middle of the road coming straight at us over the top of the hill.  The audible voice said in a very powerful commanding voice “NOW” and I hit the floor putting my arms around my head as instructed. My brother swerved the car to a hard right making the car go out of control and as he swerved a hard left to correct it landed in the ditch; as we continued along the ditch, I kept hearing parts of the car flying apart as I thought we will be next; then all of a sudden we ran into something and the car stopped. 

 The car stopped at a culvert where a bunch of tumble weeds had gathered against it making a big soft pillow where the car came to a soft complete stop. I came up off the floor and looked at my brother to see trickles of blood from his forehead dripping off his nose as he said “sis , are you alright?; I said I was and was so scared I climbed right over the top of him through the driver open side and ran upon the highway.  A lady was swinging on her porch swing and saw the whole accident and as I approached her she let out a blood- curdling scream as if she had seen a ghost, which scared me about as much as the accident.  My brother came up after me and the lady called the police. The police arrived and asked us if we were hurt and my brother said no except a little cut on his forehead and I said I had no injuries at all and was fine; not a scratch on me.  The car was completely totaled with not much left of it.

I have never heard another voice since like that audible voice, only strong mind impressions of impending dangers of which I always pay attention to.  I am so thankful to the guiding voice of that day and plan to ask who that was that helped us when I go to the other side.