Sunday, March 18, 2018

Healing, Signs, Miracles, and Wonders!

What does it mean to operate in third day power while in the eleventh hour? I share some personal experiences of how healing, signs, miracles, and wonders are alive more than ever!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Here's Why You Should Celebrate When Things Go "Wrong"!

When life dumps challenges on you, get excited! The more you lose the more you are about to gain. This week's video message is one of my favorite yet! I share several incredible and recent miracles that have forever changed the way I view trials. Plus more insight on the 3rd day and 11th hour. 


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My Birthday Present from God!

Wow!! God gave me the best birthday present.❤️ 

My ring with the missing diamond - right before we headed to the Jazz game.
On Friday I noticed the diamond had fallen out of my wedding ring. I was driving my car when I noticed and I looked down at the floor mat wondering if I’d see it, but instead found this sparkly red heart. If you know my stories about hearts, you know I took this as a positive sign from the Lord. He was saying, “Instead of panic, choose to feel my love.” 

Oddly enough, I wasn’t as troubled as I thought I would be. If you’ve followed my recent videos, you know that last month God has put my faith and trust in Him through the ringer. Several big trials all at once that should have knocked me down. He told me in a dream on New Year’s Day and through some signs that followed, I would be victorious this year! He would help remove all the obstacles standing in the way of becoming the person he created me to be. He would do this through helping me heal old wounds that I was unaware of, that were standing in the way of developing a greater faith! He did this by dumping a truckload of trials and challenges all at once. I knew what He was up to, so I decided to be grateful for these trials and embrace them. Daily I praised Him and thanked Him for them and what they were going to do for my faith. I held His hand every step through that valley of darkness into the unknown. I held onto that hope that if I didn’t let go of His hand, He would sustain me with peace and when I came out of the valley, I would receive back all that I had lost. The Lord told me, “You are about to lose much, but it’s a test of your patience and faith. If you are faithful and endure, you will get it all back and more.” He reminded me that He is the Great Redeemer and I was about to learn redemption on a whole new level. I was filled with peace, love, and gratitude throughout these experiences and came out with greater love and patience than I have ever known. 

True to His word, one by one each trial came to an end and all that I lost with each trial was instantly restored to me 100% and more. I came out the victor! Along with the temporal things I gained back, my increase truly came from the spiritual blessings and gifts I received. And the cherry on top - Thursday my trials had just about all come to an end and I celebrated! When I noticed my diamond was lost, I heard the Lord say, “This is the final test. I want to show you how these trials truly have changed you. I want to show you who you have become, and how strong your trust and faith in Me truly is.” I felt that my demonstration of faith, trust, and gratitude in this moment would determine the length of this new “challenge”. It could be drawn out or it could be quick - it was my choice. In that moment I knew that God knew where my diamond was, and even if it was in a landfill somewhere, He could make it appear back in my ring if He wanted to. I became so happy and full of peace. It was just a diamond anyways, I can’t take it with me when I die. The things of greater value, I already had. 

Top: The heart I found when I noticed the diamond was missing.
Below: My diamond!
Last night as I was getting ready for bed I decided to clean out my purse. My hand goes in there so often, I thought maybe my diamond fell out in there. Up to that point, I hadn’t even tried looking for it. The day I lost it, I had been all over the city and had been to several places. It could have fallen out anywhere. I didn’t find it in my purse, but at least my purse was now clean, so I was happy. I passed from my bedroom to the hallway several times yesterday always looking at the carpet and wondering if I might spot a diamond. Never did. The Lord said to me, “Do you trust me? Then don’t spend you’re time looking. Just ask and you’ll receive.” So, I said a tiny prayer in my heart and in that prayer I thanked Him for bringing my diamond to me, because I knew He would. Then right before I switched off the light I looked down and there on the carpet in front of the bedroom door was my diamond!! Right in front of where I stood. During my prayer He put it there right where I would see it!! Laid so gently on top of the carpet so I would notice it. I picked it up and shouted for joy! 

Manuel asked me to bring the diamond to Him. He couldn’t believe it! We had walked that path so many times and by now the diamond would have been trampled below and embedded into the carpet pad. We surely would have felt that under our feet. We knew that God truly had placed it there. It was His birthday gift to me. God is amazing and I can’t stop praising Him!! My faith is so strong I feel like I can move a mountain right now. Never give up on the Lord, and when things “go wrong”, be excited and believe that God is about to work something awesome into your life!! Even better, He is carving you into a diamond! We are all diamonds in the “rough”. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spiritual Warfare - Do You Have a Breach in Your Shield?

As we build Zion, opposition will increase. Just what tactics is the enemy using in his hour of desperation? I shed light on some sneaky yet common ways that the adversary is creating breaches in our shields. And how can we quickly combat his efforts? Watch to find out.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Revolution Coming to the Church?

A couple weeks ago I found this article (The Coming Revolution Inside of Mormonism) and it resonated with me so much! The coming revolution that Greg Trimble speaks of, is what I refer to often as the separation of wheat and tares.

I feel blessed to lived in such a good community. I truly feel that the wheat outweighs the tares in my ward. However in regards to the whole (members throughout the world), I believe much in this article can apply. It goes beyond the boundaries of Mormonism and flows all throughout the Christian world.

The biggest issue I often tackle on my blog and in my videos is culture vs. doctrine. Sometimes we do certain things only because that's just how they've always been done. There were never any established rules, codes, or doctrines - it's just what Great Grandpa's generation started and so we continue it today. It's tradition! This goes for both things we do and things we don't do. Often times, we assume that because that's how it's always been done - then it must be the only correct way.

On my own path of getting to know my Savior on a very personal and real level, I have learned so many things that I now apply daily in my life, that I'm sure many would find very different and possibly odd. Things that were taught to me by the Spirit through the still small voice. Things that felt so right and have so deeply blessed my life and enriched my relationship with My Savior and Father in Heaven. Things that are so simple yet so sacred to me, that are not apart of mainstream culture or tradition. Things that have softened my heart, humbled me, and caused me to yearn for a day when the focus of all that we do is love.

I once told a friend of mine who often coordinates humanitarian trips to South America, "I would love to come along sometime, but not to teach English, build water pumps, or assist with medical care, I would just want to walk around the village and hug everyone. If you need someone to just love the people - I can do that, and I can do it very well!" She smiled, and said that would be a much needed role.

When I came across this article, it expressed everything I have been feeling over the past few years. To think of all the changes that have been made within our church just within the last five years is evidence of more changes to come. Many of these changes were a big shift away from tradition, and even were difficult for some members to accept. One recent change that comes to mind is the way in which Relief Society is now taught - chairs in a circle and more discussion. I have not experienced this change because I am a primary teacher but it's been interesting to hear perspective from those who have. Some love it, and some not so much. I remember reading comments on a facebook post of women who were struggling with this change. Whether it increased their anxiety, or they felt their babies were now more of a distraction, many had different reasons. Some even said they stopped going to Relief Society because of it. I wondered if small changes such as chair arrangement were to turn someone away from church, how much more would future changes on a larger scale impact a person's testimony and obedience?

Change often instigates the final straw. Many who struggle with testimony and obedience will use change as an opportunity for an exit. The small changes prepare us for the big changes. Our attitudes about small changes foreshadow our attitude about the future. We know that preparing the earth, the church, and the people for the Savior's return, means that there is much more change on the way. The first time the Savior came he brought with Him a revolution within the church, and I believe the second time He comes, He will again bring revolution to the church. But I believe this time, He will bring that revolution before His appearance to all the world. He will bring it as part of the preparation for His return. We live in that day and hour right now.

Here are the highlights I pulled from the article. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Article Highlights

Do you remember what was happening in Israel right about the time that Christ came on to the scene? Israel had started to live by their own set of oral laws and traditions, or what we might refer to today as “culture?” The “culture” in Israel when Christ showed up was one of the most judgemental and hypocritical cultures the world had ever seen. It was a very isolated and unaccepting culture. But Christ showed up and cast a net over all types of people. The Greeks, the Romans, The Samaritans, and every other nation across the globe. His net covered even the worst of repentant sinners. The only people that were excluded or damned were the unrepentant elite… the “scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites” who “strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.” 

It was Christ who brought with him a revolution of love, empathy, and compassion. He built a culture that was geared toward the lowly of heart and revolted against those that spent their lives pointing out the flaws in others. “For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” (Matt 23) The bulk of Israel was living according to their culture and their superstition. This has been the bane of each and every covenant society, which caused Joseph Smith to say: “What many people call sin is not sin; I do many things to break down superstition, and I will break it down.” (History of the Church, 4:445 (7 November 1841) The doctrine of this church doesn’t lose people. It’s the culture and superstition that causes unnecessary strife.

I see a place where people have study groups again to provide support for those that need friends to talk to about the things they hear on the internet and social media. I see a place where people support one another, ask questions, resolve concerns, and speak honestly about the things that give them trouble in life and in the church. I see a time where “home-teaching” is just referred to as “ministering” and more lessons will revolve around love and not quotas. I see a time where “fellowshipping” will be replaced by “friendshipping” and where pure love is a stronger motivator than guilt.

I think we’ll see a time where programmatic meetings are cut by 50% and where the efficiency of those meetings are increased by 50%. We’ll spend less time behind closed doors meeting about all the stuff we should be doing, and more time ministering to the proverbial fatherless and the widows. We’ll get back to true religion and root out any programmatic religion. 

Members will increase their personal studying of the scriptures again. Missionaries will actually start memorizing scriptures again so that there will be water in their well. And callings won’t be looked at as promotions where congratulations are in order. Any form of pageantry will die with this revolution during the uprising of the greatest generation of saints this world has ever seen.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From Amish to Mormon - Converting the Hearts of a Community

Two nights ago, I was telling my husband how I'd love to visit Amish country someday. I always thought it would be really neat to see. Then two days later, I came across this podcast and got my fair share of Amish culture.

If you haven't heard this podcast yet, I certainly recommend it! Orpha Troyer, a young Amish girl, shares the story of how her Amish family along with two other Amish families converted to the LDS faith.

The amazing part about their story is they still live in the same Amish community on the same street. Even though they have been shunned by family and the community, the Lord wants them there - and they have a special mission!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Are You an 11th Hour Worker - And What Does That Mean?

Are you an 11th hour worker - what message can we learn from this final hour? I explain what that means and it's connection to 311. Check out what viewers have been sharing - and more about stars.