Monday, January 18, 2016

Angels Among Us - Incredible Image Caught on Camera

A couple weeks ago, I was on facebook and saw this amazing post in a private group I am a part of. The woman who posted it was in an appointment with a client. She said that she noticed a reflection of a bright image on her screen that was mirroring something behind her. It was moving around very quickly and so she snapped a picture of her screen. Here is what she captured. She said that her client was about to make a very important breakthrough in her life and they both strongly felt that this was one of her angels there supporting her.

This is the best picture I have ever seen of an angel captured on camera. I blacked out the woman's name that was in the photo to protect her privacy. As you may have seen in previous posts, I have been capturing some amazing images of Heaven and have had some incredible experiences. I've told the Lord that I'm happy to be a witness and share of His incredible hand in our lives, and that if He is okay with me sharing, to keep sending these lovely manifestations into my life. And he continues to send them!

I have heard (from some people who have had beyond-the-veil experiences) that these witnesses of Heaven are going to increase on the earth. As the earth prepares for the Savior's return it will become more like Heaven. There will be many more angelic manifestations as Heavenly activity increases. This is why I believe that good things are in store. Miracles and incredible manifestations are going to be the norm in the next few generations!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prospering in 2016

So much to share! It's a new year with a new perspective. Last week, the Lord put into my mind a new project He wants me to create. Later that night I had a dream that confirmed it and showed me the outcome. I am so happy to share a little bit about it with you.

It's so interesting because around the same time of year - last year, I had a dream from the Lord showing me a project He wanted me to create during 2015. It was the Happy Lady website and videos. This year He wants to continue using me as a mouthpiece of good news and inspiration especially on a more specific topic that's going to benefit and bless all who hear and receive it.

I started out this year telling the Lord that I want and receive His thoughts, His ways, His love, His joy and His will. I've been praying each day for inspiration, motivation, and ideas from above. As I've done this, He has been putting many ideas into my mind and a great deal of inspiration. I've been constantly putting voice notes into my phone because the ideas come when I'm driving, shopping, cleaning etc.

2016 is going to be a wonderful year, I can feel it! He has told me to continue counterbalancing the doom and gloom that's being spread by so many. There are good people who don't even realize that when they spread bad news and fear, they are advertising and marketing for the adversary. They are serving him. It's kind of like gossip - all it does is stir up hearts. It does not serve God in any way.

Satan is behind all the bad headlines and it thrills him when we copy and paste those headlines and send them to all our friends. It's the same concept as how the media no longer spills the full identity on mass killers. They no longer mention their names or identity because they feel it glorifies what they have done and triggers others to want that same glory. When we share all the negative, it gives glory to Satan and what he has done. He loves it and it gives him more power.

I'm going to use this website, all my other websites, social media, gifts and talents etc. to cultivate God's power. I'm going to expose all the good that's happening and how we are to be a part of it. God is behind all the good and I'm going to glorify Him. This is what the Lord has told me to do - very specifically.

When you step into the light and choose to speak life (meaning choosing to speak and share all words that promote life/living) you can be a force for Heaven. Words are powerful weapons - we have to be careful about what we are repeating and sharing. The more we read and speak about the darkness, the more darkness we are putting into our own souls and the souls of others. It works against us, not for us. Weapons of light destroy the enemy. I choose to speak life! I have promised the Lord that I have cleaned out my vocabulary and soul of all words, thoughts and images that are negative and promote death/destruction in any way. I will only speak, support and promote light and life. This is what He wants me to do.

As I become closer to the Lord by doing these things, He is transforming my life. He has asked me to write a book about the connection between prosperity and having a relationship with the Godhead. Not just about the connection but HOW TO connect those two areas in your life. He has shown me specifics! As He shows me, I apply it in my own life and I'm always amazed. He wants me to share those experiences in the book. He wants all who believe in Him and all who receive Him to prosper, because when we prosper, His kingdom grows.

I'm so happy to share all that I've been learning. There is so much!

Stay tuned....