Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on the Prayer Experiment

My sister issued me a challenge earlier this month and said that in addition to my morning and evening prayers, I needed to talk to Heavenly Father during the day asking for specific things. I told her that I always felt bad for some reason, asking for things. So, for a long time I never asked for much other than to be protected and kept safe and for other people. I found that my prayers were always gratitude prayers - telling him everything I'm thankful for.

My sister gave me a wake up call when she said, "No, he wants you to ask for things so he can give them to you." I thought to myself how right she was. He wants to show us daily how wonderful and loving he is, he wants us to ask for things so he can demonstrate that he is God and he makes everything possible in our lives and that we are dependent upon him. Wow!

For a time I would tell myself that if something is God's will for me, he will make it happen. I don't need to ask for it because I don't want him to think I am greedy or selfish. He knows my goals and desires and I will just keep doing the best I can and just show him I'm grateful.

Well, I began to notice that though nothing bad was happening in my life, nothing amazing was happening either. Everything was at a standstill. Sure I was healthy and we had the things we needed so each day I thanked him for that. But life wasn't progressing. Business was at a standstill, my goals weren't going anywhere even though I spent a lot of time working on them. I wasn't having amazing spiritual experiences but I was going to the temple and doing all the things I was supposed to be. It felt very blah.

So, when my sister gave me this challenge I was so excited to try it out. She told me about her experiences and that each time she knelt down to ask for one specific thing, it happened within 24 hours or sooner. She then said that as soon as you recognize your prayer has been answered, you need to kneel down immediately and thank him. By doing this each day - your life will change and your testimony will grow.

So right after I got off the phone with her, I knelt down and gave it a try. My first prayer was on 5/16/13 and I recorded it in my prayer and gratitude journal. I keep track of my prayers that way I recognize when they are answered. So, I decided to keep it simple and I prayed that I would sell a book. I have a book distributor who sells my books and pays me royalties but I also have my own online bookstore where I sell my books. I haven't sold a paperback copy on there since fall of 2012.

Right after I ended my prayer the phone rang. It was my neighbor. She said, "Lindsey I was wondering if I could buy a book from you for my daughter's birthday" I couldn't believe it - I was smiling from ear to ear. That just goes to show that Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us but we just have to ask. I felt that he was just as excited to answer my prayer and show me how wonderful he is, as I was to have had it answered so quickly.

I called my sister back and said, "I'm ready to report on the challenge" she said "What?" and I told her how my first prayer had just been answered - that quick. She said, well now you need to kneel and thank him. So I got off the phone and that's what I did.

My neighbor who called me told me that the spirit had prompted her to mention some other things that I may have been in need of hearing. How right she was. There was something that had been stressing me out and she gave me the advice I needed to hear without even knowing about that issue. I felt that was a bonus tender mercy from the Lord to show me how much he cares.

My next prayer was about my song. I recorded a song last year, that I felt prompted to write and record but haven't known what to do with it since. I always thought, if it's the Lord's will he will make something come of it. So, I prayed that I could be given an opportunity to share my song with more people.

Later that day, I was cleaning out my spam email and I something caught my eye. I almost deleted it but something told me to open it - so I did. It was an email from a newer company called and it was telling me that I could upload my song to their website and it would be heard on online radio stations around the world. So, I went to the website and saw that I had 150 free credits to start with. That meant my song would play 150 times for free. I was excited! During the week it showed me where my song was being played and who was listening. People became fans of my song and began to share it. It was amazing. God had again answered my prayer and I thanked him.

Later on, I took on a project of transferring my old family videos to the computer. I ran into several obstacles. The technology was so outdated that it wasn't compatible with any of my computers. So, on 5/22/13 I prayed that I could find a solution that day of what I would need to do. I then went to facebook and posted my technical issue. Later that night someone from my ward told me that there was a certain cable I would need, that apparently hasn't been in production for the last 5 years. She happened to have one and let me borrow it. It worked! Then it turned out the software was no longer compatible with the camera and I needed an old software from 2005. I happened to have the old software on an old tower but couldn't hook it up to my newer monitor. This same friend's husband emailed me a picture of the cord I would need to do this and by a miracle I found it hidden in a box in my house. I was so happy, I thanked the Lord!

The next day that old computer tower broke! I prayed that it would be a simple fix so I wouldn't have to spend any money repairing it. I took it in and they blew it out all the dust and suddenly the fan was working again and the tower no longer overheated - it was fixed!

So, in summary - I can personally testify that when we ask for something very specific the Lord answers. I have prayed for small and simple things but nothing is impossible for the Lord. I challenge you to try it as well. Pray for simple things that are important to you and see what happens - always pray for the bigger things as well - but sometimes those things take time. Praying for small and simple things isn't frivolous to the Lord and he is happy to bless you with those things.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Prayer Experiment

My sister gave me some wonderful advice the day that I wrote the last post. It was almost like a challenge that I turned into an experiment. She said to get started on it right away and I would get instant results. So, I figured it couldn't hurt - I took her advice and within a minute's time I got results!

I've decided to log my experience and report back as soon as my experiment has ended. I can't wait to share with you - because it will only make your life so much better.

That same day I felt that I should revisit my goals and dreams - working on the current ones and setting new ones. After all, the more we are willing to do the more the Lord can use us. The more we use our talents and gifts, the more he blesses us. I've realized that going after righteous goals and dreams with the mindset that I have another 100 years left of a great life to look forward to on this Earth has been making all the difference!

I started up some new goals today and I can see that the small efforts I have made have already been making a difference throughout the world - just over night. It's exciting what this amazing internet can do for you when you decide to use it to reach out and touch other people. Life feels good!

Now if I could just help my kids do the same! ;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Fears, Worries and Testimony

My goal with this blog is to be an example of how to stand tall in a chaotic world. I do my best to be a great example and to do all I can to help build your testimony and strengthen your faith - but today I have to admit (with your permission) I'd like to turn the tables (just for today) and instead of providing strength, I'm asking for it.  

Life is sure getting crazy and sometimes unpredictable. I have to say that over the last six months it's been more difficult to find the joy. Being positive and smiling comes natural to me - it's what I've always been good at doing. Finding the rainbow in every storm and turning lemons into lemonade is the only thing I know how to do well. However, I've noticed a change over the last six months. It seems that the darkening world around us sure knows how to interfere with my happy vibes.

You see, even a few years ago it felt like there was always "more time" so I was able to plan fun goals, exciting projects and see some of my dreams come true. Now, it feels like there are just a few sands left in the hour glass and I need to spend that time as wisely as possible. Like most of you, I feel the major events of the last days lurking nearby. In fact I feel surrounded by them which has put a stop to me chasing my dreams. Just trying to deal with reality can be pretty exhausting.

Dreaming and goal setting have always been the wheels to my positive drive. But I've come to a point where it seems pointless to plan a future trip to Disney Land or work on my three novel series that I would like to see turned into a movie, when it's seeming very likely that world chaos will put a stop to all of that. Every moment that I spend time writing my book I wonder, "Is this a waste of my time? Should I be doing genealogy or scripture study instead?" I wonder, "Will it even get published if society breaks down by the end of the year?" But then I feel good about writing it, because it has a powerful and good message, so I continue on.

I know we are supposed to go on with life and live each day to the fullest and not hide away from the world in fear, but deep down it constantly crosses my mind that all of these things I want to do won't be accomplished - there just isn't enough time.

That's where faith comes in and that's what keeps me going. For example, I really want to have another child (as if three isn't enough). My husband does not and I've been trying to convince him for a long time to change his mind. I've prayed about it, fasted, gone to the temple etc. but so far he hasn't budged. The answer I get from the Lord is "Whatever you decide is fine with me"

Part of me worries that this is the wrong time to be having another child with earthquakes, plagues and war on the horizon. I mean, there might not even be a functioning hospital by the time the baby would arrive. I'm RH negative and I would need a gamma globulin shot in the third trimester or the baby and I could die. My food storage isn't equipped with formula and diapers because of the ages of my kids. So trying to have a fourth baby really stirs anxiety right now. But then at the same time I realize it's a righteous desire and it would be a great opportunity for me to exercise faith in the Lord and cast my fears away.

That's just one example on the list of the many things I worry about. It's very difficult to make plans for the future when you feel like there is not much future left. All I know is that's why it's so important to live by the Spirit. The Spirit will tell us when things are right for us and will be our guide in this scary world we live in, but we need not fear when we have faith in the Lord and a relationship with him. That's what I continue to tell myself each day as I struggle with finding the old joys and excitements that used to be much more abundant.

I know that I am where I'm supposed to be because the Lord led me and my husband here a year ago through miraculous means. I have worried about where I live because many have had visions and dreams about a nuclear bomb going off about 15 miles away from my house in the near future, but at the same time the Lord tells me that I am supposed to be here. I can't argue with that and I really shouldn't have fear if I trust in him.

 We are planning a trip to Germany to see my in-laws and it's during a time that many have speculated will be when the economy collapses and the earthquakes and plagues will come etc. but as much as I tried to plan it earlier in the year it just wouldn't happen - so again I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and I just need to trust the Lord.

For me I think the reason I struggle is because I'm used to having control over most things in my life, but for some reason everything going on in my life right now, I have little to no control over it. That scares me and for the first time ever I've been having anxiety and panic attacks. It's been an eye opening lesson to learn that maybe all of this is happening to help me hand all control over to the Lord and realize that the only thing I really have control over is my attitude and my testimony/faith.

In conclusion, I guess the moral of my story is - if we let fear consume us then it's a lose/lose situation. If we are willing to trust in the Lord then he can remove that fear and bring us the peace we desire. I know the answer to all of this, I mean I wrote a book and a song about it (my music video up above) but I guess because I'm human, every now and then I need some reminding.

I love the Savior and I sure can't wait to see him again. I know that God has a plan for each of us and if we are willing to trust him we will see some beautiful and amazing things come to pass in our own lives. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Atheist's Witness of Jesus Christ

You know me, I love to read about dreams, visions and out of body experiences. I came across this one last night on The Wood Zone blog. It's so beautiful and I love that the man who experienced it was an atheist.

It's another confirmation to me of how amazing our Father in Heaven and his Son really are!