Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Prayer Experiment

My sister gave me some wonderful advice the day that I wrote the last post. It was almost like a challenge that I turned into an experiment. She said to get started on it right away and I would get instant results. So, I figured it couldn't hurt - I took her advice and within a minute's time I got results!

I've decided to log my experience and report back as soon as my experiment has ended. I can't wait to share with you - because it will only make your life so much better.

That same day I felt that I should revisit my goals and dreams - working on the current ones and setting new ones. After all, the more we are willing to do the more the Lord can use us. The more we use our talents and gifts, the more he blesses us. I've realized that going after righteous goals and dreams with the mindset that I have another 100 years left of a great life to look forward to on this Earth has been making all the difference!

I started up some new goals today and I can see that the small efforts I have made have already been making a difference throughout the world - just over night. It's exciting what this amazing internet can do for you when you decide to use it to reach out and touch other people. Life feels good!

Now if I could just help my kids do the same! ;)

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