Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Small Miracle of Tender Mercy

Over the last few weeks I have had the wonderful experience to become more in tune with the Spirit and to develop a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Parents and the Savior. 

As I have devoted much time in my day and much of my thoughts towards those beyond the veil serving on my behalf, I have received several wonderful tender mercies. Many are too sacred too share, but this one I felt was very delightful and appropriate to share. 

I had recently been reading an excerpt from a book called, Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle, in which the author mentioned expressing gratitude towards your angels. Most angels are your direct relatives and ancestors - they answer to the Father in orchestrating and bringing to pass blessings, events, ideas and solutions in our everyday lives. 

I had never thought before to thank my Heavenly Father for my angels and their service on my behalf. This intrigued me. The author mentioned that as you do this you will begin to notice little tender mercies from your angels.  Some, very sacred, and others designed to make you giggle. It’s their way of letting you know that they appreciate your gratitude and your acknowledging of them in your life. 

As I continued this verbal expression of gratitude daily, I had some beautiful experiences happen that some may call miracles. On one particular instance I was overflowing with joy and awe at a wondrous “beyond the veil” experience I was blessed to receive. And in the days leading up to that experience something amusing happened that rang true with what I had read in my book.

I rolled out of bed one morning trying to do my best to wake myself up. It was going to be a busy day and I just couldn’t find the energy I needed to get my body to move a little faster. As I threw the comforter over the bed and halfheartedly arranged the throw pillows up top, something caught my eye. A big spot on my favorite pillow! How did it get there? No time to figure that out, I would just simply turn it over onto the clean side. As I reached for it to flip it over that’s when I saw it…The Savior!
It looks as though the Savior is walking towards me with his foot extended, arms open.

I couldn’t believe it! I had heard about these experiences before where people discovered the face of Jesus mysteriously carved into the trunk of a tree or in a potato chip. Some images more compelling than others and of course, some images providing quite the entertainment value. These stories always sparked my curiosity but I never thought I would one day be the recipient of such an experience.  

At first glance of recognizing the image of the Savior on my pillow, I felt a warm wave of love run through my body from head to toe. The hairs on my arms stood up on end and I knew someone was delighting in telling me that what I was seeing was meant for my own personal joy. It had been created as a token of love just for me.

As I examined the image it amazed me out how straight the lines were especially on the Savior’s arms. This couldn’t have been a random accident – a spill or marking from one of my messy children. The lines were much too straight. And what was the substance used to create the image with? The fabric appeared to be stained the same way a curtain would be on the side the faces the afternoon sun. It was as though it had been bleached by light.However as I observed even closer I saw that it was a paper cut-out of Jesus (like a paper doll) underneath the sheer fabric. As I felt the paper crinkle and I tried to move it around I was amazed that the paper stays in place and cannot be moved. This is decorative pillow and the fabric is stitched tight onto it. You cannot remove the fabric without tearing it off.

The Savior’s arms were extended open towards me in a welcoming and loving embrace. I could feel the excitement of the being that created it, just knowing it would make my day and put a smile on my face. I giggled at how imperfect it was, almost a cartoon form of some type. It was as though it was meant just for my noticing. 

Throughout the coming days as I pondered this small miracle, it occurred to me that whenever I wanted to feel my Savior’s embrace and his unconditional love for me, all I had to do was hug this pillow. What a beautiful gift!

I share this with you as a testimony that the Lord and our angels look to bless us in ways that we will recognize and that will resonate deep within our souls. How many days have we unknowingly passed by beautiful miracles and signs all around us as we rushed out the door to get the kids to school, then off to get our grocery shopping accomplished all while stressing about the slow driver in front of us or the lights that keep turning red. When we take a minute to slow down and see those red lights as opportunities to have a conversation with our Father, we become in tune to His Spirit and we align with His will. We prepare ourselves to be in state of peace so that we might better notice His beautiful gifts he surrounds us with daily, hourly and minute by minute. 

Get to know your Father a little bit better today. Thank Him for the angels he places in your life to keep watch over you. Express your gratitude and as you do you will begin to notice the workings of miracles big and small in your life. 

I testify the truthfulness of this message in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, amen. 

Update: I have since received some beautiful personal revelation that this tender creation was a gift from a future grandson of mine. My children are all very young and it will be quite some time before I ever meet him. It was his way of showing me a miracle. He "wanted to put some whimsy in my day" as I was told. I feel so blessed!