Thursday, December 18, 2014

Promoting Happiness

I've been super busy lately working on this project! 

Announcing the Happy Lady website! A free place to get tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to be a little happier, through videos and posts from the Happy Lady. It's a project/movement I started from a dream that I recently had, to promote positivity around the world.

Click on the link and feel free to share!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Small Miracle of Tender Mercy

Over the last few weeks I have had the wonderful experience to become more in tune with the Spirit and to develop a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Parents and the Savior. 

As I have devoted much time in my day and much of my thoughts towards those beyond the veil serving on my behalf, I have received several wonderful tender mercies. Many are too sacred too share, but this one I felt was very delightful and appropriate to share. 

I had recently been reading an excerpt from a book called, Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle, in which the author mentioned expressing gratitude towards your angels. Most angels are your direct relatives and ancestors - they answer to the Father in orchestrating and bringing to pass blessings, events, ideas and solutions in our everyday lives. 

I had never thought before to thank my Heavenly Father for my angels and their service on my behalf. This intrigued me. The author mentioned that as you do this you will begin to notice little tender mercies from your angels.  Some, very sacred, and others designed to make you giggle. It’s their way of letting you know that they appreciate your gratitude and your acknowledging of them in your life. 

As I continued this verbal expression of gratitude daily, I had some beautiful experiences happen that some may call miracles. On one particular instance I was overflowing with joy and awe at a wondrous “beyond the veil” experience I was blessed to receive. And in the days leading up to that experience something amusing happened that rang true with what I had read in my book.

I rolled out of bed one morning trying to do my best to wake myself up. It was going to be a busy day and I just couldn’t find the energy I needed to get my body to move a little faster. As I threw the comforter over the bed and halfheartedly arranged the throw pillows up top, something caught my eye. A big spot on my favorite pillow! How did it get there? No time to figure that out, I would just simply turn it over onto the clean side. As I reached for it to flip it over that’s when I saw it…The Savior!
It looks as though the Savior is walking towards me with his foot extended, arms open.

I couldn’t believe it! I had heard about these experiences before where people discovered the face of Jesus mysteriously carved into the trunk of a tree or in a potato chip. Some images more compelling than others and of course, some images providing quite the entertainment value. These stories always sparked my curiosity but I never thought I would one day be the recipient of such an experience.  

At first glance of recognizing the image of the Savior on my pillow, I felt a warm wave of love run through my body from head to toe. The hairs on my arms stood up on end and I knew someone was delighting in telling me that what I was seeing was meant for my own personal joy. It had been created as a token of love just for me.

As I examined the image it amazed me out how straight the lines were especially on the Savior’s arms. This couldn’t have been a random accident – a spill or marking from one of my messy children. The lines were much too straight. And what was the substance used to create the image with? The fabric appeared to be stained the same way a curtain would be on the side the faces the afternoon sun. It was as though it had been bleached by light.However as I observed even closer I saw that it was a paper cut-out of Jesus (like a paper doll) underneath the sheer fabric. As I felt the paper crinkle and I tried to move it around I was amazed that the paper stays in place and cannot be moved. This is decorative pillow and the fabric is stitched tight onto it. You cannot remove the fabric without tearing it off.

The Savior’s arms were extended open towards me in a welcoming and loving embrace. I could feel the excitement of the being that created it, just knowing it would make my day and put a smile on my face. I giggled at how imperfect it was, almost a cartoon form of some type. It was as though it was meant just for my noticing. 

Throughout the coming days as I pondered this small miracle, it occurred to me that whenever I wanted to feel my Savior’s embrace and his unconditional love for me, all I had to do was hug this pillow. What a beautiful gift!

I share this with you as a testimony that the Lord and our angels look to bless us in ways that we will recognize and that will resonate deep within our souls. How many days have we unknowingly passed by beautiful miracles and signs all around us as we rushed out the door to get the kids to school, then off to get our grocery shopping accomplished all while stressing about the slow driver in front of us or the lights that keep turning red. When we take a minute to slow down and see those red lights as opportunities to have a conversation with our Father, we become in tune to His Spirit and we align with His will. We prepare ourselves to be in state of peace so that we might better notice His beautiful gifts he surrounds us with daily, hourly and minute by minute. 

Get to know your Father a little bit better today. Thank Him for the angels he places in your life to keep watch over you. Express your gratitude and as you do you will begin to notice the workings of miracles big and small in your life. 

I testify the truthfulness of this message in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, amen. 

Update: I have since received some beautiful personal revelation that this tender creation was a gift from a future grandson of mine. My children are all very young and it will be quite some time before I ever meet him. It was his way of showing me a miracle. He "wanted to put some whimsy in my day" as I was told. I feel so blessed! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

From the Mouths of Babes

The other day just out of the blue my three-year-old daughter said, "Mom...remember when you got married? I do because I was there. I was standing at the top of the stairs with Paisley and Gabe and Tatem and we were watching you down below."

I could not believe what I had just heard so I said, "Tell me more."

She went on, "We were in a big, tall, old building and everything inside was white. We were all wearing really nice clothes. Daddy's family from Germany was there and later everyone sat at some tables and ate food."

That was about all I got from her. She walked away and began to play with her toys. Later when I asked her about it again, she repeated everything.

It amazes me how thin the veil is for our children and how things that some adults struggle to believe all their life, comes very matter of fact to children. They just know.

I smile when I think about my children being a part of our wedding day, even though they were not here on the earth yet. Manuel and I had just made a very important covenant with our Heavenly Father which would seal our children to us for eternity as they would each be born into that covenant. They must have been so happy for us. We were taking the necessary steps so they could come into the world and perform their missions.

I love this gospel and I know that through the covenants we make in the temple, our families can be together forever. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Son's Dream

My kids have been having some incredible dreams this year. Just out of the blue my six-year-old daughter told me the other day that the night before she had a dream about Jesus. She said that in the dream someone came and knocked on our door. We answered it and they told us that Jesus was here and that we needed to go to the mountains to be with him.

She said that we packed up bread and water into our car and headed towards the mountains. We were very happy.

A week later to the day, my eight-year-old son had a dream that he shared with me.

In the dream he was shown the number 2014. He then saw that all of us including our extended family had traveled to Germany for vacation. Suddenly there were terrible storms everywhere and it became too dangerous and we had to leave.

He was then shown the number 2015 and saw that we had all traveled to California for vacation. Again, the same thing happened. Storms everywhere and it became to dangerous and we had to leave.

He was then shown the number 2016. We had traveled to Mexico for vacation and the exact same thing happened.

At that time he saw a large old book open up. It opened up to a page and in very fancy old script handwriting read,

It is time.

He then woke up to a crack of thunder and his alarm clock went off.

He asked me what it might mean. I felt that the vacations represented different regions of the world that would become unsafe. The years were a timeline. It started with Europe, then the West Coast and lastly Mexico. Unsafe could mean many different things such as natural disasters, disease, war and violence.

"It is time", could possibly mean it is time for the gathering to places of safety. It could also mean the time of Armageddon. Lastly, it could mean the building of the New Jerusalem or even the return of the Savior. I do not know for sure - but what I do know is that it was significant. I believe the clap of thunder and the alarm was significant to wake up my son and imprint the importance of what he was just shown.

These things should not be a surprise - our prophets and apostles both anciently and today have warned us of these events. I believe that the Lord is letting us know that time is very short. In just a couple years something very significant will happen and we must be prepared (spiritually and physically). This is a time to build up our faith and put our trust in the Lord. We need to strengthen our testimony, become more in tune with the Spirit and seek personal revelation daily. We must be the best people that we can be. Though great evils and destruction are sweeping the Earth we are also on the verge of great miracles.

Hold fast to the gospel, increase your prayer and strengthen your faith. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the open house for the Ogden temple. We got a babysitter and headed to the prayer meeting prior to our shift. It was such an awesome feeling to be in a room full of wonderful brothers and sisters from my stake - all together to serve at the temple.

My husband and I were chosen to serve on the third floor of the temple which meant we would get to spend time in the Celestial room. I was humbled for this chance. Our only job was to smile at the thousands of people passing through. Not difficult for me but for my husband smiling doesn't come natural - some people say it's because he's German ;) He really amazed me when I witnessed him smiling for over four hours. I guess you can't help it when you are in the temple.

As the people passed us by, it was so incredible to see all different walks of life (different ethnicity, races, religion, tattoos, piercings,) going through the temple. Yes, different walks of life but all children of God. It was powerful to see them feel the sweet spirit that dwells in the temple walls.

I first stood at the top of the stairs and I was the first face they saw as they reached the third floor - tired and exhausted from all those steps. I beamed a smile their way and most couldn't help but smile right back. A large painting of the Savior at His second coming was at the top of the stairs. As they gazed their eyes on the painting while taking a small break to catch their breath, the last six steps didn't seem as difficult to reach the top.

It reminded me of life. As we climb up the steps in our life it can be so exhausting - but when we stop to catch our breath and draw near to the Savior, we regain the strength we need to keep on going. I also envisioned the people coming up the stairs as weary spirits who just passed through the veil and are heading towards the light in "the tunnel". I thought to myself how awesome it would be, to be an angel greeting these weary spirits at the entrance into Spirit Paradise. Beaming a smile at them and letting them know they had made it.

When my turn came to stand in the Celestial Room - I was so happy that I forgot about how bad my legs hurt from standing. There was such a reverence and everyone could feel it. There were many people who were blind that passed through. Though they couldn't see the room in all it's beauty - they could feel it. It was amazing to watch. But the best part was seeing the face expressions change on people's faces as they came from the hallway and entered into the room. Their eyes became so big and some became emotional. There is a spirit about that room that just can't be ignored. Very powerful.

I enjoyed that rare opportunity of being in the Lord's house with all of His children.

I know the temple truly is the Lord's House and He dwells there. Temple ordinances are saving ordinances that binds families together for all eternity. I feel so blessed knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much that He made a way for us to all be together with Him again. His love is real and He hears and answers our prayers. I say this in the Savior's name - Jesus Christ - amen.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Faith to Be Healed and Casting Out Satan

Doctrine and Covenants 35:9

And whoso shall ask it in my name in faith, they shall cast out devils; they shall heal the sick; they shall cause the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak, and the lame to walk.

This journey that I have been on to unfolding the mysteries of the Kingdom has led to a beautiful experience. Because of some very real and personal experiences with faith, healing and revelation that I have had - when someone comes to me and tells me they are suffering in some way I can't help but leap forward and share with them a message of hope and what I have found out for myself.

Last week I got news that my brother was very ill and had been in the ER. My brother and I aren't that close and we only talk on the phone once in a great while. I gave him a call to see what the matter was and to find out his condition. He told me that he had been so sick and had such a high fever that he was admitted to the ER. He had had several tests ran on him with no results yet. I didn't recognize his voice. He sounded like a dying toad - very deep and croaky. He had been prescribed some very powerful pain medication to ease his discomfort. He sounded exhausted, fatigued and hopeless.

I knew that he didn't have to suffer like this - the solution was so simple but not always easy. I wanted to tell him this but a part of me was hesitant because he's my older brother and he doesn't always welcome advice, especially when it's not asked for. I couldn't keep quiet though - not after what I had learned over the past month. So I told him.

"Cam, if you have the faith to be healed you can be healed" I started to tell him. I then told him about some incredible women I have recently met who have the gift of healing. I told him that their faith is so great - whenever they call upon the Lord for a miracle, He gives them one. Whether it be a prayer, a priesthood blessing or a plea of desperation - the Lord can heal you if it's His will and if you believe that He can.

I like to believe that it's usually His will to heal you. The Lord needs us to be whole so that we can better serve Him. Sometimes He allows us to experience pain and suffering so that we learn to call upon Him and trust Him. It pleases Him to answer our prayers and grant us our righteous desires.

As I began to share this message with my brother he listened but seemed a little doubtful. He asked some questions and then I told him I would pray for him and if he didn't get better soon to let me know and I would exert my own faith or ask for help from those I know who have this gift.

Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and my phone rang - it was my brother. I didn't have time to take a call but answered anyways.

"Hey Lindsey hows it going?" he asked in a very chipper voice.

"Good," I replied "You sure sound a lot better."

"That's because I am" he said. "Do you have a minute? I'd like to share something with you."

I told him I had a few minutes. He then began to tell me what had happened to him. He told me that he had gone to our cousin's wedding reception the night before and was so sick he had to pull over on the way there and on the way back. He had missed so much work already and it didn't seem like he was getting any better. When he got home that night his wife called their home teacher to ask for a priesthood blessing. The home teacher came over and gave the blessing. Before he left he told my brother that he felt prompted to share a story with him about one of the past prophets who had suffered from an ear infection as a boy and had the faith to be healed. He then told my brother that if he had the faith he could be healed.

When my brother went to bed he was still feeling very sick. He pondered on what I had said and what his home teacher had said and he decided he would try his faith. He said a prayer in his bed asking Heavenly Father to heal him especially of the hiccups and heart burn he'd been suffering from for four days. After the prayer he waited - but nothing had changed - he was still sick.

The thought then came to him that he needed to get on his knees and pour out his heart in sincerity this time. So, this he did. He began to talk to the Lord as though he were in his room. "Lord, I have been so sick for so long. I know you have the power to heal me. I've missed so much work and I can't do this any longer. Please heal me." Then he did something interesting...he thanked the Lord for his sickness.

He continued on and on pouring out his heart and soul and "crying" unto the Lord. When he finished he got back into bed and realized his hiccups had stopped. He waited and waited and...they were really gone. Doubt began to creep in as he thought if he waited a little longer they would surely come back. Then he realized this was Satan trying to ruin his faith. So he cast Satan out and then peacefully fell asleep.

When he woke up he felt 100 percent better. He had been healed! Immediately he got down on his knees and thanked the Lord.Then he called me.

As he told me this story he sobbed and took several moments of silence where he couldn't speak at all. He had been so touched by the Spirit and had tripled his testimony in just a few short hours. I was so happy for him and I told him that this is what I was talking about when I told him that if he had the faith he could be healed. It's so easy for the Lord to heal us - the hard part is for us to really believe that he wants to or is going to.

I had recently learned that thanking the Lord for you afflictions pleases the Lord and in return He will bless you for doing so. I was so happy that my brother had done this. I told him that because he had this experience he would soon have people put in his path who would benefit from his testimony about this experience. The more knowledge we gain and the more our testimony grows, the Lord uses us as tools to help others. He puts us in situations and gives us opportunities to share what we know.

My brother agreed with me and said now that he's had this experience he wants to share it with others. I was so happy!

Alma 14:26

And Alma cried, saying: How long shall we suffer these great afflictions, O Lord? O Lord, give us strength according to our faith which is in Christ, even unto deliverance. And they broke the cords with which they were bound; and when the people saw this, they began to flee, for the fear of destruction had come upon them.

This is how I have felt over the past month. I have learned that sometimes we need to cast out Satan several times a day. Fear, doubt, anxiety and all negative thoughts come form him. This will always interfere with our faith and our ability to communicate with the Spirit. Also, we need to thank the Lord in our moments of affliction no matter how hard it may be to do so. This shows him that we recognize his will and that we know that he knows what's best for us.

Doctrine and Covenants 122:7

And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.

 Lastly, we need to thank him again when our prayer has been answered. Remember the story of the 10 lepers.

I truly believe that our faith will be tried again and again until we are refined into the people the Lord needs us to be for these last days. Be grateful for your trials because you are being refined into something very special. As the end times become more difficult we will need to rely on our own faith to harness the miracles we read about in the scriptures. The Lord is preparing us now.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Mysteries of the Kingdom

August was such a busy month for me. Sorry about being MIA. Do you ever feel like you you have so many things you need and want to get done but so little time in the day? This has been my obstacle all summer. Now that that kids are back in school I'm hoping to get a better handle on my list of things to do. This blog is definitely on that list.

Some AMAZING things have happened to me this summer. What's mentioned in the these scriptures below has happened to me!

Doctrine and Covenants 76:7 

And to them will I reveal all mysteries, yea, all the hidden mysteries of my kingdom from days of old, and for ages to come, will I make known unto them the good pleasure of my will concerning all things pertaining to my kingdom.

Doctrine and Covenants 6:11

And if thou wilt inquire, thou shalt know mysteries which are great and marvelous; therefore thou shalt exercise thy gift, that thou mayest find out mysteries, that thou mayest bring many to the knowledge of the truth, yea, convince them of the error of their ways.

I can't go in to detail today but as I continue posting, I'll share a little more each time. I will say that there is so much knowledge that we don't have but if we genuinely ask with righteous desires it will be given to us. I have had so much personal revelation about "mysteries of the kingdom" revealed to me that I became mentally and physically exhausted last month. It's so much to comprehend and once you have the knowledge you have on obligation to apply it and be held accountable for it.

I know that there is a time and place for everything. I was not ready for this knowledge until recently. I have shared it with others and have found that some were ready to hear it and have embraced it and sought out for more and others did not seem to understand or have any desire to hear more. They were not ready.

I was reminded about the scripture,

Mathew 7:6

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.


Doctrine and Covenants 41:6

For it is not meet that the things which belong to the children of the kingdom should be given to them that are not worthy, or to dogs, or the pearls to be cast before swine.

I truly believe that we are all at different levels of spiritual learning. Some of us are seekers of the truth and we receive revelation daily (knock and it shall be opened, ask and ye shall receive) and others don't yet have that desire to seek out further truth and knowledge...and that's okay.

But I testify from personal experience that when you are ready to hear truth it is delicious to the soul! It's a euphoric feeling and it burns inside of you. Just like Alma says below,

Alma 32:28

Now, we will compare the word unto a seed. Now, if ye give place, that a seed may be planted in your heart, behold, if it be a true seed, or a good seed, if ye do not cast it out by your unbelief, that ye will resist the Spirit of the Lord, behold, it will begin to swell within your breasts; and when you feel these swelling motions, ye will begin to say within yourselves—It must needs be that this is a good seed, or that the word is good, for it beginneth to enlarge my soul; yea, it beginneth to enlighten my understanding, yea, it beginneth to be delicious to me.

Because of what I know and have been learning, my purpose and mission in this life has become more clear and more important. I am working and strengthening my gifts to better help do my part in building the Kingdom of God. Sentences in my patriarchal blessing are now clear to me and I am seeing wonderous miracles come to pass.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. His power is real and His atonement it real. Our Father in Heaven's love for us is endless. Until we truly believe in His power and how it can bless our lives, our faith will not be enough to see those miracles happen in our lives. This is what Moroni spoke about when he said,

Moroni 7:37

Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain.

WE can have these amazing miracles happen in our lives on a DAILY basis, just like in the days of the ancient prophets if we start believing again. If we exercise our faith.

That is all I can say for now. I ask that you pray about this. Get yourself in a position to desire to increase your faith and to have a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father and the Savior. With what lies ahead in these last days, it will be our faith that sustains us. It's so important that we get ourselves prepared.

I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Constellations Testify of the Savior?

Yesterday, I got to thinking about my baby's astrological sign - just out of curiosity. I realized he's almost four months old and I had no clue what his sign is. I'm always fascinated by astrology and if there is a connection to us, probably because the Divine Creator of our universe has purpose and reason behind everything He does. There seems to be so much more than meets the eye. As far as astrology in relation to sorcery, psychics and fortune telling - I'm not interested in that at all and that's not what this post is about. But I am curious if there is a connection to certain traits a person has in relation to when they were born. I'm wondering if astrology is at all like the internet - it can be used for good and evil. After you read this post I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this topic (please comment below - rather than emailing me). 

Every time I meet someone who seems to be a lot like me, I get this feeling they are a Pisces just like me. So I'll ask, "When is your birthday?" After giving me a funny look they tell me and sure enough they are a Pisces! Though some might find this utterly ridiculous, I can't help but wonder if there is some truth behind it. Pondering the possibility of there being greater significance to the astrological signs, I can't help but wonder the possibility of us being born on a specific date to give us specific strengths we need to accomplish our missions, or if we are born on our special day because of the strengths and qualities we already possess (or maybe neither). We know that the sun stars and moon have an impact on the Earth and we know that the Lord's timing is perfect and everything He does has great purpose. The Hebrew calendar is based off of astrology (which coincides with LDS conference dates) and the Lord has used astrology to mark signs of significant events and prophecy.

Back to my son's sign.I found out he is an Aries (April 10th). I wanted to read the characteristics of an Aries to see if they matched what I already see in him. In that moment I had the thought to look up the Savior's real birthday - which I learned was possibly on April 17th - also an Aries! Though some LDS members believe it to be on April 6th, the majority of scholars throughout the world believe it to be on the 17th.

What I read next blew my mind and gave me chills! If the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was in fact born on April 17th, it was surely meant to be. Here is what I learned about the Aries sign:

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac

Upon learning this I immediately thought of this scripture:

Doctrine and Covenants 110:4

I am the first and the last; I am he who liveth, I am he who was slain; I am your advocate with the Father.  

Aries is a Ram

A ram is a male lamb. There are countless references in the Bible and Book of Mormon to Jesus being called the Lamb of God.

Revelation 21:23

And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. 

Interestingly, in Latin the word "ram" means "before". 

Doctrine and Covenants 93:7

And he bore record, saying: I saw his glory, that he was in the beginning, before the world was; 

The key phrase for the Aries is "I am" 

Am is in Ram. Immediately the scripture came into my mind Exodus 3:14

And God said unto Moses, I Am that I Am and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.

I learned in Sunday school at the beginning of this year that this is Jesus Christ is speaking to Moses. I always thought it was our Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the mediator and mouthpiece for our Father in Heaven.

The zodiac symbol for Aries is "As above"

 John 3:31

He that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all.

Luke 11:2

And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.

Isaiah 66:15

The zodiac element for Aries is "Fire"

For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.

2 Nephi 20:16

Therefore shall the Lord, the Lord of Hosts, send among his fat ones, leanness; and under his glory he shall kindle a burning like the burning of a fire.

The Key Characteristics of an Aries are:

Determined, fiery, executive skills, born leader, loyal, physical, driven, ambitious. Our Savior was very loyal to the Father and led His sheep perfectly. 

The Destiny Planet for Aries is:

The Sun. He is "the Son" and his brightness is greater than the sun.

The Affirmation for Aries is:

"I am the best yet I am humble". We know the Savior didn't need this affirmation - it's already who He was (who He is).  

The Third Class of Aries:

Aries are divided into three classes based upon the dates. Being born between 11 and 19 April means you are endowed with greater humanitarian characteristics which means you have gentler and added charitable motivations behind your actions.

This sounds like the Savior. You might say this is all an amazing coincidence. According to President Monson, “There are no coincidences" (Thomas S. Monson, in To the Rescue, 60).

About my son, I learned that he is loyal, very charming and loves to stand out in the crowd. At three months old, I have already seen him work his charm. I have always felt a special spirit about my youngest and even had some special experiences with him before he was born. 

So, do the constellations have a deeper purpose and meaning?  I did some further research and found that according to an article by Jon P. Pratt in Meridian Magazine they tell the story and testify of the Savior.

Water Bearer (Christ) pours living water (blessings) onto head of Fish (Church). (compare D&C 110:10, 121:33)

But the celestial testimony of the Savior does not end there. The very position of the stars in the sky tell us that Jesus is the Christ. Though some researchers have assumed that star constellation figures evolved from primitiv e imaginations, evidence now indicates that they form a pictorial scientific "star map" that originated about 2900 B.C at about 36 north latitude.[8]
That corresponds well to the Hebrew tradition that the signs of the constellations date back to Enoch.
The Book of Enoch,[9] which was once in the Bible and was accepted by the Savior's apostles as written by Enoch himself (Jude 1:14), declares, "For the signs, the seasons, the years, and the days, Uriel showed me [Enoch]" (Enoch 74:4-7). Here as elsewhere in the scriptures, the constellations are called "signs" (Gen. 1:14; Rev. 12:1,4, JST). A detailed study of the ancient symbolism of these figures, combined with scriptural references and a knowledge of their star names, implies that the Lord meant for the constellations to graphically display the entire mission of the Savior.[10]

For example, the Serpent Bearer wrestles with a serpent which is reaching for a crown, even as Christ overcame Satan, who sought for God's glory. The Serpent Bearer is also crushing the head of a scorpion, which in turn is stinging him in the foot, reminiscent of the great promise given to Adam and Eve that the Savior, who would be the seed of the woman, would bruise the serpent's head, even though the serpent would wound his heel (Gen. 3:15).

There were apparently a total of 48 original figures, 3 accompanying each of the 12 constellations in the zodiac. While some of these have been modified over time or have unclear meanings, others are unmistakable. A ram breaks the bands of death (Mosiah 15:20,23), the lion (associated with the tribe of Judah, Christ's lineage) tramples a fleeing serpent (Revelations 5:5), and a dragon at the top of the sky enfolds one third of the stars of heaven in his coils (Isaiah 14:13; Revelations 12:4, JST). Thus, the Psalm that proclaims, "the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork" (Psalms 19:1) can be taken literally. The heavens are silently bearing witness of the glorious gospel plan, and once a Christian learns this sacred meaning of the constellations, it can forever change how he looks at the sky.

This was a very fascinating topic for me look into and I would love to hear any thoughts about it.  I've included a little more below. 

Here is the link to the zodiac information I used to read about the Aries sign.

Out of curiosity I did a search for astrology in the Bible and found this:

One of the great astrological stories in the Bible is the story of the star of Bethlehem. It is written that the star was a sign from God signaling the birth of the Messiah into the world. The three Magi, Persian astrologer-kings, determined the time of this birth by the position of this star. In 1600, Johannes Kepler hypothesized that this star was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Confirmed by modern astrology, this symbolism ties in with the prophecies of that era concerning a Messiah amongst the Jews. The conjunctions occurred at the end of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of kings. Saturn is the planet that rules the Jews, thereby giving the king of the Jews. This was a very infrequent triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and it occurred in the year 7 B.C.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

90 Day Challenge Update

I know I have been slacking this summer with keeping up on my postings but this 90 day program seems to take up most the time in my day.

I'm half way thought this program of physical, spiritual and emotional healing/cleansing and I feel amazing! I have lost 20 pounds since June 10th and I have so much energy - I'm also a lot happier.

Here is a video I saw today on facebook that absolutely made my day. Take a minute to watch it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Healing Water

So sorry, it has been so long since I have posted. After getting used to the new baby, my mother-in-law came to visit from Germany and I have been super busy (4 kids will do that to you), I finally have some free time to write!

I have been on this new journey for a couple of weeks now and have been going through a mind, body, spirit transformation that has been incredible! I'm participating in a 90 day transformation program so I have been getting coached and educated on becoming healthier all around - but I'm telling you the Spirit has been my biggest guide through all of this. It's been amazing.

I won't go into all the details today, but I can truly testify that the Lord puts certain people in our path at the right time. I have been getting personal revelation to get my mind, body and spirit as strong as I can for hard times that lie ahead (during these last days).

It's sort of been like this: A friend calls up from out of state that I haven't talked to in forever. Through small talk she recommends a video about food and nutrition that I should watch on Netflix. I watch the video and it opens up a whole new area of health that I never thought much about before but now I see the importance of it. The Spirit begins to confirm to me that this video is important and I should pay attention. I then share it with my family. My sisters and my mom are positively influenced by it as well. We all start to make some positive changes. I then have a couple over for dinner whom I didn't really know at all. They are friend's of my mother-in-law who was visiting. When they came I thought they would just be visiting with her most of the time, but to my surprise they were there to take me further on my journey - (neither of us knew it at the time).

They shared a very touching experience with us and it was strangely connected to the video I had watched and a book I had read (about an entirely different subject). It was all coming together now. I was being prepared. Long story short - the Spirit has been very strong and very loud in my life ever since. I was lead to another book that brought up an interesting soul shaking question that was directly answered in sacrament meeting a few hours later. That talk was just for me and I have never felt the Spirit so strong in a sacrament meeting before. I then go have a body scan done which brings up what the Spirit had just taught me in that sacrament talk, and I am made aware of some health concerns that are connected to what I just learned and am taught how to fix them. I am blown away at what and how much the Spirit has been teaching me over the past couple of weeks and so grateful that I have been in tune. I am now working at continuing to humble myself so that I can be even more in tune to the Spirit as this chaotic world of ours continues to spin out of control.

A couple nights each month I attend a class for this 90 program I mentioned earlier that teaches me how to get my mind, body and spirit 100%. The goal is to have a perfect immune system by the end of the 90 days, which is connected to being free of emotional distress, negative baggage, being at peace in your life and new eating habits. Throughout this process I will naturally lose weight and heal any ailments. When all the body's systems are functioning properly the body can naturally heal itself as it's designed to do. That means everything from acne to arthritis. I don't have either but it was just an example :) What I love about my coach is that she ties all of this into the gospel. She teaches us how to apply the gospel and the atonement into this whole process. I never before connected wanting to be healthier to the atonement. Amazing!

My new friends (the couple that I had over for dinner that I mentioned earlier) had told me that he (the husband) had been diagnosed with a rare and lethal cancer 5 years ago. It happened right has he became a new bishop. He was told he would not live past five years and that the cancer was so bad that all they could do was cut the tumors out but he would not be able to get chemo to kill the cells. So, he needed to begin making plans to say goodbye to family and take care of things.

Instead, he decided that he wasn't going to let the doctor's words become his fate. He wasn't going to accept an impending death sentence. Through prayer, rigorous research, and travels to specialists outside of the country, he was led on a journey that changed his life and saved his life. It is now 5 years later and he has not needed any surgeries since to remove any tumors. He feels healthier than he has ever been at 60 years old.

Back to the classes I'm attending: this week we learned about the amazing research that has been done with water by Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist. You may have heard of him. He discovered that words, music, language and writing have the power change the appearance of water. You have to watch these videos below to understand what I'm talking about (I posted them below). He takes photographs of water before and after he gives it a word, phrase or music. Good music and words create these beautiful microscopic crystals that look like snowflakes and bad words and music turn the water very ugly and changes the color to browns and blacks. It's incredible! Our bodies are made up of 70% water so think about what words and music do to our own bodies which affects our health and out spirit. Masaru Emoto also shows how water that has been blessed or prayed over, turns beautiful as well. He uses this "good" water to help heal people.

After learning this, the Spirit reminded me that this is why we pray and bless our food - not only to help it be safe for our consumption but to make it good for us. Who would have known that in addition to the nutrients we receive, the changing of the water itself in our food is key to helping the food be good for us and our spirit. Our food is made up of water - think about how blessing it can dramatically help our bodies. I realize now that it probably would be a good thing to pray over my garden, the water I drink, the snacks I eat...etc. It may sound wacky or like I'm overdoing it but I'm telling you it works! Everything improves.

Water truly has an amazing energy that is affected by us. Water is also essential to life. How many times are living waters mentioned in the scriptures? When this thought came to my mind, the Spirit directed me to the following scriptures:

John 4:10

10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

John 7:37-38
37 In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.

 38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Jeremiah 17:13

13 O Lord, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters.

Revelation 7:17 

17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Though living water is said to be a symbol of the Savior's teachings, I believe it to be literal as well.  I have read books (the books I mentioned reading earlier) that speak of a real living water in the spirit world/heaven. I believe it to be a real thing. His water is pure and it heals.

Anyways, this incredible journey has taught me even more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scriptures that I read my entire life now have a whole new meaning. Things are starting to click and it has been truly incredible and humbling.

The influence of good and evil are powerful and real. The power of God and Satan are real. Through the Savior and His atonement - all can be healed. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Here are the videos about the powerful effect that words and music have over water. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

He Heals My Heart

Janet Profile PhotoI just want to put in a plug for my friend Janet. She just launched a very inspirational blog that she has had in the works for a while. She writes about finding God's grace in today's world and focuses on the hopeful side of her circumstances. Janet has a beautiful perspective of the Lord's hand in her life and she is truly an amazing person who has inspired me in so many ways.

Janet created her website and blog to share her experiences in her ongoing journey to create spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. She lives in Idaho and shares local resources on her website for eating organic. 

You can visit her blog here:

By the way, Janet is the one who introduced me to (several years ago) most of the books I have recommended on my sidebar about dreams, visions, the last days and near death experiences. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Thoughts About General Conference Announcements

I remember last October during conference being in awe about the fact that for the first time in years, no new temples were announced. Then again, this last week the same thing happened. The prophet did say that they continue to pray about the building of new temples and will announce more should that ever be what the Lord tells them. He also said that the church has grown enough that most of the  members are within 200 miles of a temple. It seemed as though that fact was supposed to be an answer that would satisfy the question, why are no new temples being announced?

It was announced that the current temples under construction would continue being built and that they would be finished in 2015. It almost appears as thought the Lord has put a pause on new temple construction beyond 2015. That's the feeling I got even though Pres. Monsen said the process would of temple announcing and building would continue. The Lord clearly has a reason for this and I can't help but wonder if it's because 2015 will be the end of normality before Christ returns. With all that is coming our way in these last days, temple building may have to be put on hold. Whether it be an economic crash, chaos, war, natural disasters or all of the above in unison that occur by the end of 2015, 2016 clearly is a year where something big awaits.

I don't know if anyone else picked up on this but it has been on my mind since last fall. There are currently about thirteen temples in which the groundbreaking dates have not been announced. There are about three temples that are said to be finished in late 2015 and I did see that the Philadelphia temple is scheduled for 2016 even though it was announced that temple completion was set for the remaining temples to be finished in 2015.I found it interesting that they spoke specifically of the year 2015 for temple construction to be complete on all temples currently under construction. What about the temples that have not yet had ground broken?

It seems as though there will be a period of delay in 2016 and then maybe after things have settled down here on Earth, the rest of the temples will be completed and possible new ones announced.

Who knows if I am right on this, but it has really been pressing my mind over the months. I would love to hear your thoughts. Here is the link to the temple list

Monday, March 24, 2014

Why God Gave Us More Than Just the Bible

On Saturday I went to the temple one last time before the baby comes. My husband was so worried that I may go into labor at the temple and urged me to stay home. I knew that I would be just fine especially if I was doing service for the Lord. He didn't seem to comforted by my answer but he knew there wasn't anything he could say to change my mind.

While in the initiatory waiting room, I opened up the Book of Mormon to this random scripture. It's the Lord talking about why He provided us with more scripture than just the Bible and I love what he says.

This is some very powerful scripture and it's almost as if the Lord is saying, "Come on guys - really? You think a Bible is all I gave the world? You think that I only speak to some of my children? Think about it - the planet is big and I'm God. I'm going to do what is needed to speak to ALL of my children. Here is how I have done it and it's foolish for anyone to say otherwise. Realize that all of these books of scripture testify of each other and that I am God." 

2 Nephi 29:3-14

And because my words shall hiss forth—many of the Gentiles shall say: A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible. 

But thus saith the Lord God: O fools, they shall have a Bible; and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, mine ancient covenant people. And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them? Yea, what do the Gentiles mean? Do they remember the travails, and the labors, and the pains of the Jews, and their diligence unto me, in bringing forth salvation unto the Gentiles?

O ye Gentiles, have ye remembered the Jews, mine ancient covenant people? Nay; but ye have cursed them, and have hated them, and have not sought to recover them. But behold, I will return all these things upon your own heads; for I the Lord have not forgotten my people.

Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews?

Know ye not that there are more nations than one? Know ye not that I, the Lord your God, have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea; and that I rule in the heavens above and in the earth beneath; and I bring forth my word unto the children of men, yea, even upon all the nations of the earth?

Wherefore murmur ye, because that ye shall receive more of my word? Know ye not that the testimony of two nations is a witness unto you that I am God, that I remember one nation like unto another? Wherefore, I speak the same words unto one nation like unto another. And when the two nations shall run together the testimony of the two nations shall run together also.

And I do this that I may prove unto many that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever; and that I speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And because that I have spoken one word ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man, neither from that time henceforth and forever.

 10 Wherefore, because that ye have a Bible ye need not suppose that it contains all my words; neither need ye suppose that I have not caused more to be written.

 11 For I command all men, both in the east and in the west, and in the north, and in the south, and in the islands of the sea, that they shall write the words which I speak unto them; for out of the books which shall be written I will judge the world, every man according to their works, according to that which is written.

12 For behold, I shall speak unto the Jews and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto the Nephites and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto the other tribes of the house of Israel, which I have led away, and they shall write it; and I shall also speak unto all nations of the earth and they shall write it.

13 And it shall come to pass that the Jews shall have the words of the Nephites, and the Nephites shall have the words of the Jews; and the Nephites and the Jews shall have the words of the lost tribes of Israel; and the lost tribes of Israel shall have the words of the Nephites and the Jews.

14 And it shall come to pass that my people, which are of the house of Israel, shall be gathered home unto the lands of their possessions; and my word also shall be gathered in one. And I will show unto them that fight against my word and against my people, who are of the house of Israel, that I am God, and that I covenanted with Abraham that I would remember his seed forever.

This is prophesy that has come to pass. The natives of the American continent have the Book of Mormon and Bible (words of Nephites and words of Jews). The Book of Mormon is also in Jerusalem. What an awesome day it will be when lost tribes return and we have their books of scripture as well. All three books will testify of the same God.

God is amazing and it only makes sense that He would give His word to His children all over the world - especially during a time when there was no internet or printing press. He gave His same word to all of His children and asked their prophets to write it down into a book.

Just think about all of His other worlds and the children living in those worlds. They also have books of scripture with the same word. It really is silly to think that the Bible is the only source of God's word amongst His vast creations. His word is not limited.