Monday, September 15, 2014

Ogden Temple Open House

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the open house for the Ogden temple. We got a babysitter and headed to the prayer meeting prior to our shift. It was such an awesome feeling to be in a room full of wonderful brothers and sisters from my stake - all together to serve at the temple.

My husband and I were chosen to serve on the third floor of the temple which meant we would get to spend time in the Celestial room. I was humbled for this chance. Our only job was to smile at the thousands of people passing through. Not difficult for me but for my husband smiling doesn't come natural - some people say it's because he's German ;) He really amazed me when I witnessed him smiling for over four hours. I guess you can't help it when you are in the temple.

As the people passed us by, it was so incredible to see all different walks of life (different ethnicity, races, religion, tattoos, piercings,) going through the temple. Yes, different walks of life but all children of God. It was powerful to see them feel the sweet spirit that dwells in the temple walls.

I first stood at the top of the stairs and I was the first face they saw as they reached the third floor - tired and exhausted from all those steps. I beamed a smile their way and most couldn't help but smile right back. A large painting of the Savior at His second coming was at the top of the stairs. As they gazed their eyes on the painting while taking a small break to catch their breath, the last six steps didn't seem as difficult to reach the top.

It reminded me of life. As we climb up the steps in our life it can be so exhausting - but when we stop to catch our breath and draw near to the Savior, we regain the strength we need to keep on going. I also envisioned the people coming up the stairs as weary spirits who just passed through the veil and are heading towards the light in "the tunnel". I thought to myself how awesome it would be, to be an angel greeting these weary spirits at the entrance into Spirit Paradise. Beaming a smile at them and letting them know they had made it.

When my turn came to stand in the Celestial Room - I was so happy that I forgot about how bad my legs hurt from standing. There was such a reverence and everyone could feel it. There were many people who were blind that passed through. Though they couldn't see the room in all it's beauty - they could feel it. It was amazing to watch. But the best part was seeing the face expressions change on people's faces as they came from the hallway and entered into the room. Their eyes became so big and some became emotional. There is a spirit about that room that just can't be ignored. Very powerful.

I enjoyed that rare opportunity of being in the Lord's house with all of His children.

I know the temple truly is the Lord's House and He dwells there. Temple ordinances are saving ordinances that binds families together for all eternity. I feel so blessed knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so much that He made a way for us to all be together with Him again. His love is real and He hears and answers our prayers. I say this in the Savior's name - Jesus Christ - amen.

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