Friday, February 27, 2015

Revelation About the Ogden Preparedness Expo

I'm a member of an LDS Wholeness/Healing group on facebook and the sweet lady (Tammy) that is over the Ogden Preparedness Expo shared this personal experience about the event coming up. I just wanted to share. I also included her recent appearance on KSL Studio 5 where she talks about this event. The best part is, for those who can't make it - the classes will be recorded and you can purchase the audio! Visit the links below.

 "I need to share this with you. A couple days before my 8th baby was born on Christmas Eve, I was shown a vision of the WHOLE PERSON PREPAREDNESS CONFERENCE. I was so blown away. I questioned my sanity, truth be told. I had just been through 40 hours of on and off labor... and was utterly exhausted. I got down on my knees and asked the Lord if it was what He wanted me to do. I got the sweetest confirmation from Him. I knew it would be a sacrifice, but I told Him I would do it if that was what He wanted.
I was going to do it later in the fall, but was commanded to do it on March 14th. It was the only date that the venue even had available when I called. There have been countless miracles to bring this event to pass. I feel this event is truly inspired and created from the Lord's hands. Much sacrifice has gone into bringing it to pass. I assure you, I testify to you that I am carefully and prayerfully following instructions from the Lord in every decision concerning the event.
Please help me share this event with others. We are 2 weeks away and have space for 600+ more. I am pleading with the Lord to guide His angels to find the people He wants to be there, but I need your help. I hope and pray the people who need to be there will follow their inspiration.
So a couple things...
For those registered, whether attending LIVE or LIVE ONLINE STREAMING, you will be given the opportunity to pre-order ALL the audios (MP3 FORMAT) for only $20. I know that is crazy low. (It's like .50 a class) ... and I will probably never do it again for another conference... but I am simply obeying what the Lord has asked me to do.
There is a coupon code right now for live conference attendees. It is prepareyourself and it will save you $9 off your ticket.
LIVE STREAMING is only $29 for a full day of classes, and there are 2 tracks to choose from.
Register ahead of time! Online registrations will be closing on March 12th and the price after that will go from $39 to $49. The coupon code will then be ineffective.
Youth, ages 12 and up are welcome to attend this event. Babes in arms are welcome.
I don't know if you know who Kirk Duncan is or not, but I promise his keynote will be talked about for a long time to come. 3 Key Elements is our Platinum Sponsor and Dr. Bradley Nelson is our Gold Sponsor!!"