Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Son's Dream

My kids have been having some incredible dreams this year. Just out of the blue my six-year-old daughter told me the other day that the night before she had a dream about Jesus. She said that in the dream someone came and knocked on our door. We answered it and they told us that Jesus was here and that we needed to go to the mountains to be with him.

She said that we packed up bread and water into our car and headed towards the mountains. We were very happy.

A week later to the day, my eight-year-old son had a dream that he shared with me.

In the dream he was shown the number 2014. He then saw that all of us including our extended family had traveled to Germany for vacation. Suddenly there were terrible storms everywhere and it became too dangerous and we had to leave.

He was then shown the number 2015 and saw that we had all traveled to California for vacation. Again, the same thing happened. Storms everywhere and it became to dangerous and we had to leave.

He was then shown the number 2016. We had traveled to Mexico for vacation and the exact same thing happened.

At that time he saw a large old book open up. It opened up to a page and in very fancy old script handwriting read,

It is time.

He then woke up to a crack of thunder and his alarm clock went off.

He asked me what it might mean. I felt that the vacations represented different regions of the world that would become unsafe. The years were a timeline. It started with Europe, then the West Coast and lastly Mexico. Unsafe could mean many different things such as natural disasters, disease, war and violence.

"It is time", could possibly mean it is time for the gathering to places of safety. It could also mean the time of Armageddon. Lastly, it could mean the building of the New Jerusalem or even the return of the Savior. I do not know for sure - but what I do know is that it was significant. I believe the clap of thunder and the alarm was significant to wake up my son and imprint the importance of what he was just shown.

These things should not be a surprise - our prophets and apostles both anciently and today have warned us of these events. I believe that the Lord is letting us know that time is very short. In just a couple years something very significant will happen and we must be prepared (spiritually and physically). This is a time to build up our faith and put our trust in the Lord. We need to strengthen our testimony, become more in tune with the Spirit and seek personal revelation daily. We must be the best people that we can be. Though great evils and destruction are sweeping the Earth we are also on the verge of great miracles.

Hold fast to the gospel, increase your prayer and strengthen your faith. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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