Thursday, November 19, 2015

Another Witness of Heaven

Enlarge this picture as big as you can and see if you can spot something out the ordinary. Yesterday, I felt inspired to take a snapshot of this cloud. I'm not kidding, I was driving alone in my car and had just dropped my son off at scouts, something drew my eyes to this cloud so I stopped in the middle of the road and took the picture. When I got home and looked at it, it seemed like an ordinary cloud so I went to delete it and then something stopped me and told me to look closer. So I did and I could not believe what I saw! My kids giggled and screamed (happy screams) when they saw it. Look in the top left corner and tell me what you see.

I had done sealings the night before in the temple for my ancestors. We sealed a lot of children to their parents. That morning I prayed to feel their presence and I remember asking if it was possible to know if they accepted the work and if they could be on my angel team in Heaven. I feel like this is one of the children and the two blue lights off to the side are his/her parents. It was a tender mercy/answer to my prayer. So awesome!!

I've been telling the Lord that I want to share all the tender mercies and miracles that He blesses me with to use as a witness for others that He's real and He answers prayers. Angels are real, Heaven is real - all of it! I told Him that if it's His will for me to share these things, then to continue blessing me with them daily. Guess what happened? They have increased.

I know these signs and tender mercies are all around us but it's up to us to be in tune with the Spirit to notice them. When we look for them we will find them, and when we find them we need to acknowledge them and thank the Lord for them and He will bless us with more!

I testify this in Jesus' name amen.

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