Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding Joy in the Last Days - Part 3

My family has been experiencing a Heart Attack (see story and images below)! Yes, Heavenly hearts showing up daily all around us! What some would call a fascinating coincidence, we call Divine tender mercies. I've never experienced anything quite like this, and it's not even Valentine's Day.

The day that we are living in is incredible! Most of us don't understand how profoundly powerful our day to day experiences can be. The doom and gloom headlines can really take their toll - if you let them. If witnessing the last days has you feeling powerless, it's because you are believing the lies.

The lies 

  • There is nothing you can do to make things better
  • Things are too big and too out of control
  • Stop all you are doing and just focus on you and your family
  • This is the end so hang on for dear life
  • Tribulation is here, so lock your doors and wait for things to play out
  • You must spread the message of gloom and doom to wake others up
  • Fly under the radar and hope that you'll be spared
  • It's just going to get worse, our best days are behind us
  • You are powerless against what is happening

The truth

  • There is something you can do!
  • Nothing is too big or too out of control for God to handle
  • Focus on your family and continue dreaming, building and making a difference in this world!
  • This is not the very end yet, there is so much more to be done
  • Go out into the world and declare the gospel and all truth!  
  • There are messages of glad tidings to be shared (the atonement, resurrection, eternal life)
  • Be proactive, don't hide your light under a bushel, shine it forth!
  • Great things are in store because we are building the Kingdom of God!
  • You are powerful and can rebuke all evil and darkness.

No more feeling powerless. We are to be empowered!

Okay, so let me just tell you that ever since I have changed my perspective on these last days, my life has been absolutely incredible! We are entering a new age in which we are to build, build, build. Build our self-esteem, our faith, confidence, testimony, talents, gifts, dreams and of course by building all of these things and centering them on Christ, we are building God's Kingdom.

Now let's talk about the Kingdom of Heaven. I think when many people hear "Kingdom of Heaven" they visualize a structural Kingdom such as a city, fortress, etc. But the Kingdom of Heaven is not just a literal Kingdom, or the people in it - it's also a way of life. It's the way things are in Heaven.

When I think about building the Kingdom of God on the earth, I think about the earth resembling the way things are in Heaven -  the miracles, wonders, powers, beauty, peace, presence of and communication with Heavenly beings and angels. So, as we build upon the things above we are bringing Heaven to earth. We are helping portions of this earth become worthy and welcoming of Heaven.

Heaven is the only place where evil does not and cannot dwell. Heaven is, wherever evil is not. This can be our homes, neighborhoods, cities, school, states, and nations. Now fighting evil may seem like an overwhelming task but that is because we forget that we are not the ones who do the fighting. There is a group of Heavenly beings whom God created just for this purpose. They are mighty and fierce and have been training for battle since before the earth was created. They are the Hosts of Heaven. Fighting evil is their purpose and they are good at it! It is not much of a fight for them, because their power is so much greater. It's like putting a bee and a bear in a fighting match together. Unless the bear is allergic to bees, it's obvious who will come out victorious.

Did you realize that you have this great army at your fingertips? The reason you may feel hopeless at times is because you aren't asking for their help. Ye have not because ye ask not. When we try to battle the demons on our own and tell them they aren't welcome or wanted, sometimes it feels as though they are laughing at us and tormenting us even more. But when we don't even waste our time to mess around with them and simply call upon the Host of Heaven instead - the demons tremble and run.

This has been my experience and I'm about to share how to do this as well as some amazing moments that have happened to me over the last couple weeks. Here's where the post get's really good!

Let me first say, always make your requests in the Savior's name. Everything must be done through Him. If I am faced with something that needs quick attention I will raise my right hand to the square and command evil to leave through Jesus' name. Then, on days and in moments when I am wanting specific protection I will raise both hands Heavenward and talk to the Father. I ask for the Hosts of Heaven to come down to the specific areas in need whether it be around my home and property, neighborhood, ward or stake boundaries, my city, places of government, schools etc. I ask for them to tear down all of Satan's strongholds that are operating in those areas or nearby. I ask them to take the evil and bind them up and cast them into a place that was made just for them. I then ask for Guardian Angels to come stand guard around those areas to watch and protect. I ask for the light and love of my Savior Jesus Christ to fill all voids and spaces where darkness once occupied, and for a barrier of protection to be placed around those areas so that only light and love may enter in. I then ask that all the people in those areas be able to feel that light and love and remember who they are. If I am traveling, I ask for angels to go before me, behind me and to the sides of me to clear the path of the adversary and watch and protect.

The first day that I tried this, it came in to my mind to try something BIG. I asked for protection within a ten-mile radius of wherever I went that day. The first place I went, was into the busiest Walmart in the United States - the Layton Walmart. I avoid it like a plague if I can. My experience had always been stress and anxiety in that store. No parking, shoulder to shoulder shoppers at all times, shopping cart traffic jams on all aisles. no employees nearby to ask questions, and the shelves always being empty of what I need. On this particular day I needed to go to that store. I made my very specific Heavenly request and when we pulled in there was a parking spot available in the very front! When I walked in, I noticed a shift in the atmosphere. Everyone that walked past me, smiled at me. That was not typical at this store. people usually were in a hurry, or grumpy from their shopping experience, or grumpy because they too had to go in to this store. People always looked down at the ground or gave little eye contact, but not on this day!

Everyone I encountered was extremely polite and friendly. Shoppers stopped and cleared the aisle or scooted to the side wherever I went. I couldn't believe it! I received kind words and compliments from complete strangers on every corner. All the products I needed were stocked. The air was not heavy this time, it was light and cheerful. I could breath and relax. I actually enjoyed my experience and left happier than I was when I arrived. It wasn't until I drove away that I realized it was because I had made that request earlier that day. I was seeing my request in action.

I suddenly could see in my mind, angels going before me and making sure the things I needed were on the shelves before I even got there, they were able to reserve a parking spot for me and clear all darkness out of the air. All of those shoppers had no idea why they were feeling so happy. Without evil around them influencing them, they could suddenly feel the truth of who they really are and it felt good.

On another day when I did this with the kids in the car, we were on our way to a store in Ogden. The last time I had been to this store it was an interesting experience. The owner was there all alone and the store was very quiet and dark. The owner never smiled and hardly said a word and it wasn't a very welcoming feeling. It's in a very old and run down part of Ogden and the atmosphere outside matched that inside the store. Well, I did this very specific Heavenly request in the car while we were driving. Right when I finished I said to the kids, "You just watch, everyone that we encounter today is going to be so happy and friendly." Right after I said that, my 18-month-old began to point out the window up at the sky. He started shouting "Ooooohhhhh" over and over and his eyes were huge with wonder. We looked at the sky and all we saw were clouds but a strong feeling came over me that he could see the Heavenly Hosts coming down from the sky and battling. He did this the entire time on the freeway until we arrived at the store.

When we entered the store I was shocked to see the lights turned on very bright. I wondered if they replaced the light bulbs since I had been there last or if it really was the light of our Savior shining in there. There was very loud and upbeat music playing and there were many employees in the store. They were walking around dancing and singing to the music. The owner had smile on his face and was happy to talk to me. He smiled at me the entire time until I left the store. I was AMAZED!

We then went to a very popular ice cream store. Usually at this store, it is very busy and you have to take a ticket and wait for them to call your number. On this day, we were the only ones there. We got full attention and the kids got to sample all the flavors. Then a nice elderly couple entered the store and were so kind to my kids. I thought to myself, What if they are some of our angels?

It worked so well, we continued to do this. One day we did this for my husband's work. I asked for the Hosts of Heaven to tear down all of Satan's strongholds operating in that building and nearby offices, including the buildings of all of their clients. I asked that all darkness be removed so that all processes and communication could run smoothly. I asked that the operations of darkness be removed form all employees and anyone making any contact with them that day so that everyone could see the truth of who they really are and that they could have love and respect for each other and have a wonderful day!

Well, when my husband came home that night, I asked him how his day was. He said it was great! He then told me that he received a promotion! This promotion had been promised to him six months ago and it had never happened. He was beginning to feel defeated and had reached the point where he quit asking about it all-together. He was not expecting this and neither was I. You see, those awesome and fierce Hosts of Heaven cleared out all the darkness and people were able to see each other as they truly are. They saw worth in my husband and were able to appreciate him better. The communication was even better. I couldn't help but imagine some Divine guidance involved with someone whispering the thought to give my husband the promotion that day. The idea must have come into their head and they thought, "Yes, he is very deserving of this today."

He also mentioned many other big and wonderful things that happened that day, that he asked, I not share.

Anyways, I could share story after story of the amazing things we have experienced when we have done this. My kids love it and we have so much fun casting out darkness and calling upon our warrior friends to help make our world a better place. Just imagine what this world would be like if everyone did this for their cities daily?

Heart Attack

I know that Heaven was pleased with us for doing our part to make a difference and calling upon them to do what they LOVE doing. I know this because right away we began getting signs from Heaven. Yes, we started seeing hearts everywhere!

I finally started taking pictures of them and documenting them. The more I do this, the more they show up. I love how creative my angels are, as you can see from the pictures below.I hope you have fun reading about each picture and the story behind it. If anything, I hope that you feel inspired to start doing things differently in your life. Stop giving into hopelessness and helplessness and give into faith, hope and charity. Become empowered. Rise up to your potential as a child of God. Use that authority to call upon Heaven daily and wherever you go. No request is too small or unimportant. Keep those angels busy! They love you and our Heavenly Father loves you and nothing pleases them more than having you call upon them for help.

As we work with Heaven daily to change this world, it will change in monumental ways. It doesn't have to be slow or gradual it can be very quick as you saw from my stories above. Life is about to get very exciting! I hope you join me on this new adventure as we truly prepare this earth for the Savior's return. Start looking for signs of Heaven's love around you. I know they are there. Sometimes they are such small and subtle signs, that we wont notice them if we are in a hurry. When I find them, I immediately praise the Lord for them. That is key to receiving more.

I'd love to hear from you and your stories as well. Please comment below and share this with whomever you think needs to hear it :) Also, I post weekly updates on my Happy Lady facebook page of all the signs that continue to come down from Heaven. It's been so wonderful to share.

I didn't notice the heart on this window until a week after I took this picture. I love how it's above my children.

A group of giggly teenage girls came up to me at Walmart and said, "Jesus love you" and they gave this to me. I said, "I love him too!"

The very next day my daughter's teacher gave her this "Jesus loves me" sticker and she put it on the mirror. 

That same daughter found this silver heart ring on the threshold of the exit of the doughnut shop the next day. 

I noticed how dusty my lamp was and then I became grateful for that dust when I saw this beautiful heart. Still haven't dusted it because I love the heart.

Little splatter of something on the cupboard. I reached to open it and had the thought to "look for the heart"

Opened up the bag of shredded ham. There was once piece left to make a sandwich. I smiled when it landed on my cheese. 

Right after making the sandwich we saw this at the bottom of the stairs. No it's not a stain, it's the way the carpet has been rubbed..

I have shared this before here. This is the paper doll angel that appeared  inside my bed throw pillow one morning after praying to see an angel. The pillow is sewn shut and the fabric is sheer so you can see the angel. It looks a lot like the angel in the next picture. 

I was editing a video I had just made about speaking kind words and in each of the frames there is an image of that same angel! 

Here is a real message of hope! I was reading a book on my bed while pondering things about heaven. Suddenly I see something white out my window floating down from the sky and it landed right on my lawn. It looked like a white star balloon. I felt compelled to go out and find it and that it had a message for me on it. I quickly went out the back door and it was gone. My husband looked into the neighbor's yard and saw it in their bushes. My kids and I felt an urge to knock on their door and tell them about it. They invited us in and my kids ran to retrieve it. Sure enough there was a message written on it, "hopes". It put a smile on all of our faces and was such a sweet tender mercy. Heaven is real!

I shared this story at a conference I  once spoke at about miracles. It's a very long and personal story but someone beyond the veil called me from an all zero number last year and that call changed my life. I was on cloud nine for months. I never had before or since received a call from an all zero number until almost exactly a year later. Another sign of Heaven's love!

The day I made the ham sandwich, I squirted out some honey mustard on the plate next to the sandwich and it landed in the shape of a heart. Someone really had fun with me that day. That was the most hearts we received in one day.
A heart that appeared on the table that is now permanent and can't be wiped away. 

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I love all these tender messages from the Lord - you inspire me to shine a little brighter and to think BIG! Thanks for sharing.