Friday, November 20, 2015

A Dream I Had

I had an interesting dream last night. In the middle of it I woke up, and as tired as I was, I couldn't help but think about the dream. All these thoughts came into my mind and I don't think they were my own.

The dream began with me looking out my garage onto the road and seeing a black cat with a very long tail. It was just starring at my house. Suddenly it morphed into a black dog about the size of a large panther. It's tail was very long and looked like a lion's tail. I saw that a long pitchfork (that looked like the one typically portrayed with the devil) had been tied to its tail with some rope. The dog was wildly chasing it's tail in circles, trying to get the pitchfork off.

I remember being worried because the garage was open and I thought the dog would come into my garage and damage it or even attack me. So I ran inside the house and waited, I ran in so quickly that I forgot to close the garage.

As much time went by, I realized that the dog was still in front of my house chasing it's tail like a Tasmanian Devil yet it never came into my garage and I wondered how I had avoided that misfortune. Then I woke up.

Thoughts flooded my mind about the significance of this dream. It came to my understanding that it represented evil/darkness waiting and watching for a chance to come into my home and cause harm but because of my faithful efforts in calling upon the Powers of Heaven daily to protect my home and property, the darkness that is assigned to me and my family is pretty much just chasing its tail. Meaning it tries but accomplishes very little to nothing at all. I felt that it was letting me know that my home and property are protected.

I then had a thought many times darkness will try to pull a Trojan Horse by taking advantage of people who are caring and want to help. They impose on you with a dilemma hoping you will reach out to help, but when you invite them onto your property, into your home or life, help "remove the pitchfork form their tail" that's when they attack. The dream was a confirmation and a caution all in one.

Keep your family and home protected. Verbally lose and give to the Savior, anything dark that is in your mind, home or your past. Ask for Him to take it all. Call upon the Powers of Heaven to remove all darkness that may be operating in your home or nearby, call upon protection for your home, property and each person in your family. as you do this, your home, property, neighborhood, city, etc. will become a safe haven and a conductor of Light.

I know this to be true. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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Janet Kent said...

Amazing dream and the interpretation is clear - applicable to all of us. Thanks for inspiring me to keep calling for spiritual protection.