Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Eclipse Experience and Some Profound Dreams

It certainly has been an incredible week! In my own personal life I have been experiencing a flood of dreams - one each night since the 13th of August. Each dream has been personally prophetic and as I have shared them with my husband and wrote them down in my journal along with interpretations, we have watched as each one has come to pass.

The last two nights my dreams were of a larger nature - meaning I don't feel they were just personal messages for me. With permission from the Spirit, I'll do my best to share what I can.

Before I share my dreams, I first want to say that I feel changes happening in my own life. Over this last week I feel like I have been immersed in an advanced level of personal tutoring from the Spirit. It's like I was dipping my toe in the water and admiring how beautiful the water is, and then suddenly got pushed in and quickly learned to swim. Once I was able to keep my head afloat I began to enjoy the pool and it felt natural to be in the water.

Now, I'd like to talk about the incredible eclipse on Monday. I checked my daughter our of school because the best part of the eclipse was happening during her lunch period, and I wasn't sure if the teacher would show her class. The night before I did a special family home evening lesson with my kids and shared with them some spiritual insight about the significance of this eclipse. To prepare, I decided to do a spiritual fast on Sunday which I feel truly helped open up my eyes and ears to more whispers from the Spirit.

In the morning, I ran to the store and grabbed a bunch of moon and sun themed items for our eclipse picnic. I had planned to take my youngest two to the park where we would watch the eclipse and have lunch together. I'll never forget when I first put the glasses on and looked up. I felt emotional as I saw that first part of the moon covering up the sun. I tried to imagine if this was just a tiny bit of what the Nephites felt when they witnessed the signs in their day. My kids as young as they are, very much enjoyed the eclipse and were in awe the entire time. I knew this was a day they would always remember and tell their children about.

As I looked around at all the strangers in the park, with their glasses on looking up at the sky, I noticed how different we all were. People of different ages, ethnicity, and cultures all "gathered together" and looking UP. It was the most beautiful thing to witness! Cars came in lines into the park, as people on their lunch breaks gathered with fellow employees to witness this Heavenly phenomenon. There were motorcycle bikers, millennials, elderly grandparents and their grand kids, young moms on play dates with their little ones, families with both parents and their kids, and people who came alone. Everyone was gathered together admiring this grand spectacle in the sky. I heard in my mind, "Look Up to God and live." 

This is the brilliance of the Lord. He uses events such as this to get His children to look up to where He is. Even in that short moment, I know all of those people at that park felt something. I could tell by the smiles on their faces and the things they spoke as they smiled and stood in awe. It was like a reverent hush followed by celebration.

My kids and I went around and shared our glasses with those we could tell came without. It was so incredible to see them go from looking through a cereal box to seeing the "bigger picture". One grandmother said, "Wow! We were really missing out. This looks so much better than through our box. This is magnificent. Thank you!"

For me that statement had a profound meaning. I thought of all the people on the earth who see God through a narrow lens and perspective. They are afraid to step outside of their "box".When they finally experience Him through the fullness of the gospel - everything they thought they knew about Him changes. They see "the bigger picture" and it's beautiful!

Later, I decided to search "Look to God and Live" on and found several incredible conference talks and Ensign articles with that name - including an amazing talk by Elder Holland and President Monson which I have pasted below (I highly recommend reading them as they go along with the topic of this post).

Remembering that it was president Monson's birthday, and that for his birthday wishes he asked the members of the Church to find someone and serve them on his birthday, I smiled as I realized we were doing just that by sharing our glasses. This beautiful video of people in down down Salt Lake watching the eclipse outside and singing Happy Birthday to President Monson when they noticed him watching the eclipse from his window, was very touching.

When the eclipse had ended, and life seemed back to normal I continued to ponder about it. I felt that changes would begin to happen to me, and many others who are seeking the Lord each day. Even those who are not seeking the Lord, would experience changes in their life that would lead them to seek Him. As I pondered on this I began to feel a not so pleasant change happening in my body. I began to feel sick and the Spirit told me that junk food I indulged on at our eclipse picnic gave the Adversary permission to wreak havoc on my body.

At first, I didn't understand. I hardly ever buy or eat junk food, but when I do eat it I never feel sick - not like this. I knew it wasn't food poisoning because I've had that before and know what it's like. Also, no one in my family had it, and we all ate the same food. Based on the symptoms I knew it was what is know as Gut Flora Overgrowth - something I have had before after indulging during Thanksgiving.

During the past couple weeks I had lost 8 pounds, as the Spirit prompted me to start getting my physical health in order. The day I got the prompting, I immediately changed my eating habits and as well as my diet and began losing weight. The Spirit told me that this new era was ushering in changes and restoration for everyone on the earth. As I restored my body back to a healthier me, it would go through changes that would make it extremely sensitive to what I'll call "Telestial foods". These are foods that are more chemical than actual food. I felt the Spirit tell me that High Fructose Corns Syrup was worst of the worst for me personally. It was the common and dominant ingredient in everything I ate at our picnic, and my body wanted it out. The old me could tolerate these foods - but the new me is changing. I feel that as I seek God and become closer to Him and His glory, my physical body will experience changes that will no longer tolerate things of a Telestial light. This wasn't just foods - but music, TV, movies etc. - all of it!  Even if the music & movies have all the bad language deleted, or bad scenes edited out, there's still a dark vibe attached to them. As crazy as that might sound, it made perfect sense to my spirit and I heard the Lord say,

"It is easy for me to come to you, but for you to come up higher and be where I Am, you must go through change. You must be sanctified and purified of all that is Telestial within you. You have asked for this, and I am answering."

That was right. I had been asking and praying to be further sanctified as I have been seeking the Lord. I couldn't help but feel grateful that this was happening to me. Through my own agency (choice of foods) I had given the enemy permission to attack me physically (not to mention we didn't bless our food at the picnic), however - God was going to use this torment for my benefit. Let me just say, all evening and into the morning I went though a painful cleansing. The pain was so severe in my abdomen that it felt like being in labor without an epidural - like knives to my abdomen. I heard "birth pains" in my mind and was reminded of my previous post. I knew there was significance to these "birth pains" coming right at the end of the eclipse. In the darkest hour of my pain, I cried out to the Lord for deliverance and He came and took that pain away.

The symptoms lingered but the severe pain was gone. I felt He was teaching me something and I was listening. By morning the symptoms were still there and I felt sad as I had promised to take my son to Lagoon (our local amusement park) that day. It was the last weekday that Lagoon would be open for the season and I wanted to have a special day with him while the other kids were in school.

After I got the older kids off to school, I had the thought that with God, I was bigger than my enemy. Why did I assume that the enemy was in control? That was a lie. I knew that my faith could overpower him. With that reminder, I got up out of my bed and began to call upon the Lord in prayer. I thanked him for the illness and what it had taught me, and then told Him that I was ready to be healed. I then thanked Him for healing me and allowing my plans to not be spoiled by the Adversary. As I got dressed and loaded up the car I heard a voice say,

"Are you crazy? You're still sick! It's a hot summer day, you're already dehydrated, and your going to ride on rides? This isn't going to be pretty." 

I recognized that voice and I commanded it to leave in the Lord's name. And just like that I got in the car exercising full faith that all would be well. Demonstrating my faith that I was already healed, my son and I spent the entire day at Lagoon. He made me go on all the dizzy rides, and never once did I regret it. I felt hydrated and energized and we had a wonderful time! When I came home, I found that my body naturally wanted a very healthy dinner.

Over the past year, I have realized that I have grown sensitive to chemical smells. I have always had a sensitive nose and can pick up on scents when no one else can, but this was different. I found suddenly that body sprays, soaps, cleaning products and candles all gave me headaches. Even my favorite products, I could no longer tolerate. Even back then, I felt I was going through a physical change.

Then this morning when I woke up, I felt the Spirit say, "Early to rise". I knew I wasn't tired and had the energy to get up, but because of habits I decided to lay in bed a little longer. Twenty minutes later I had a headache from sleeping too long. That headache has lingered all day as a reminder that I shouldn't sleep longer than needed. I heard the Spirit say,

"Through these changes, your body won't require as much sleep."

As I've continued to ponder on these changes, the Lord has sent little confirmations here and there to remind me that I'm on the right path. In fact, yesterday a video popped up in my facebook feed and I felt prompted to watch it. The presentation in the video was titled, "Anticipating the Restoration of all Things." Over the past year, many in the evangelical Christian community have been saying that we are entering a time of the restoration of all things. A restoration of the fullness. As Latter-day Saints we understand this period very well, and we know that there is still so much that has yet to be restored. I have written about this before and it's a topic I love to study. It has crossed my mind many times that this new era signaled by August 21st and September 23rd could mean preparing to receive the sealed portion - everything that the Brother of Jared saw. Wouldn't this be amazing!

So, as I watched this video and heard this man (Anthony Stephen) confirm all that I have been pondering - I felt it was a gift from the Lord. I highly recommend that you watch this video. I believe it is from a recent LDS conference called "Preparing A People", and is a must see! I loved that he added that the 12 stars above the woman's head in Revelation 12 represents the 12 tribes of Israel and that Jesus is the Lion of Judah. He suggests the possibility of this new era ushering in the return of the lost tribes. Click on the blue button to access the video.

Anthony Stephan - John the Revelator, the Eclipse & Sept. 23 2017 from Color My Media on Vimeo.

This same day I had the thought to type in "Christian Indian Prophet" on YouTube, it was such a random thought but when I did it, this video popped up. This man confirmed what I had shared in a previous post, that these coming years would be a grace period for the unrepentant. This was so random but it was nice to have a confirmation. Because my  husband is a green card holder I loved that part of the video and had my husband listen. Interestingly, this man prophesied prior to the 2016 election that Trump would be America's next president. He said:

"He will be used to clean and purify the nation. As hard as he is, he has been prepared for this. As Cyrus was used to discipline Israel, and then to restore Israel, likewise trump will be used in the U.S. He will be God's mouth and hand for this nation."

Now, back to my dreams. The night of the eclipse I had a dream in which I saw a gray sky with a black crescent moon and a star. It didn't look like a real moon and star but a graphic design. It looked just like the image I created below. Black symbolizes death and endings and I felt the dream tell me that this image would come to an end. When I woke up, I did not understand what the image was. It felt familiar as though I had seen it before. Gray skies symbolize sadness and coming trouble. I knew that this image was going to experience trouble and sadness. It was very strange to me. I wondered if it was some type of constellation with an additional meaning. After I took the kids to school, I had the feeling I may have seen this symbol on a flag. Maybe it represented a country or a nation? So I Googled it and sure enough it was a religion! Many countries where this religion is dominant use this symbol in their flag. Could the dream mean an end to the dark, violent, extreme groups connected to this religion?
Image in my dream

Then I had the thought come into my mind that a follower of my blog a few days prior had emailed me a PowerPoint by Val Brinkerhoff, that he suggested I check out. He said it was similar to my post on the eclipse. It also again confirmed many of the points I had shared. However, it wasn't until I came across this slide that I felt confirmations from head to toe. It confirmed what I felt the interpretation of my dream was about. But strangely, it was tied in with the verse in Revelation 12 and the alignment on September 23rd.

1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

When I saw the image on this slide, I saw a moon under her feet and it looked just like the moon in my dream. However the scripture on this slide references horns. To me, the woman in this image has the crown of stars, and the moon under her feet. As I read on in the slide I saw that Val also made the connection. The moon is under the man child's feet. Here is a screenshot from my phone.

Now on to last night's dream. I had a dream I was at a restaurant and the owners and employees were Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian. They were serving Asian and Middle Eastern food. While there they saw that I had a pack of gum and confiscated it, telling me that gum was forbidden in their culture and restaurant. It was offensive to them. When they saw how sad I was that they had taken my gum, they told me that if I desired, I could purchase it back a stick at a time for 25 cents each over a period of time. The pack of gum had originally cost me a $1.00. When I went to pay for my meal, it took 15-20 minutes for them to process my debit card. Later, I became angry about what had happened. Why should I pay 25 cents per stick of gum when I could just go buy another pack? Then I thought, why should I buy another pack when they stole what was rightfully mine? I decided I would walk back into the restaurant and boldly claim my gum, which I did.

If you remember from my last dream about gum, I realized that the "sticks" represented scripture and the pack as a whole is the scriptures. I believe the dream revealed how Christianity and scripture has been confiscated from many Eastern countries. It is forbidden. To many, it is even offensive. My debit card represented something of great value "the gospel", it was slow to "process" on their machine.  The "process" of getting the gospel into these countries has seemed slow but things are about to change. As many of God's children in these countries discover that Jesus is their Savior, they will boldly begin to claim what has been stolen from them.

This is currently being fulfilled, as many in the Middle East are having visions of Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their Savior. There are many videos on YouTube that share many testimonies of this phenomenon, however this is one of my favorites!

Now the numbers in my dream are significant and represent something personal for me. 100 represents initiating a spiritual course of advancement, and the challenges that are likely to come up during this voyage. By having faith in God, all obstacles can be overcome. The path will be directed by Divine forces and information will flow through a sixth sense (the Spirit). The number 25 represents that life transformations will happen in astonishing ways and we must have faith in Divine forces. Whatever happens will be for your benefit, and angels will be by your side in times of turmoil.

Now, you just can't make this stuff up! If you Google the meaning of the number 100 and 25 that is exactly what comes up. The Spirit confirmed the truth of it to me, and that not only will this be my experience with wonderful changes expected on my path, but the experience of many of God's children on the earth who are also seeking the Lord.

Simply put, these glorious signs we are witnessing are confirmations from the Lord of the incredible changes that are coming among the children of God and the earth itself. Things are going to get really amazing, very soon. If we can lean on the Lord through our birth pains - He will change us into something incredible. As we are born again of the Spirit, we realize just how much value our trials and pains bore for us. We will have much gratitude for them and give thanks to the Lord for how perfect His plan truly is for us!

I say this in His Holy name, Jesus Christ amen.

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