Monday, January 12, 2015

Zion and the Spirit of "At-one-ment"

I recently discovered the author M Catherine Thomas. So many people have been suggesting her books to me and all I can say is - Wow!

If you've never heard of her, she is a retired assistant professor of BYU in the department of ancient scripture and one incredibly inspired writer.

I stumbled across this older video of her speaking about "Zion and the Spirit of At-one-ment"

The words that came into my mind as I listened to her video were "Behold, here is wisdom" I looked up the scripture Doctrine & Covenants 82 and was touched that this very section is about this very topic. I love how the Spirit works. 

The time is now to become a Zion-like people. Catherine shares some profound concepts and thoughts in this video that I had never considered before. Very worth your time to watch. Amazing Stuff!

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