Thursday, January 22, 2015

Incredible Preparedness Expo

This looks and sounds amazing! The Lord has been telling me to get my preparedness finalized as soon as possible. Then I was led to this incredible preparedness expo that's going to be at Weber State on March 14th. The tickets are only $15 until the end of January. I'm excited about the presenters (I own some of their books). I also love that they are focusing on preparing mind, body AND spirit for these very final last days. It's going to be great!


syrellashphotography said...

Wow!! I wish I could attend!! Could you post a detailed summary of the information learned at the event for those of is out of state?! That would
Be amazing!!!

Lindsey said...

The cool part is, all the classes will be recorded and you can purchase the audio for them so you can listen to them as well. I highly recommend it! But I will for sure, post my favorite parts :)