Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Separating the Wheat from the Tares

I thoroughly enjoy hearing perspectives of what's going on in the world from many different Christian faiths. I think it is very refreshing and comforting to see Christians of all walks of life come together during these hard times.

I believe we are all entitled to revelation and a higher knowledge when we ask for it with righteous intentions and exercising faith. It's been a blessing to hear about the many different spiritual experiences people are having from all over the world during these last days.

Here is a minister who has made a great effort to share his testimony about the Savior through online videos. I have really enjoyed his videos. He definitely has a strong passion to follow the Savior. This is his most recent video in which he offers great insight about the bigger picture and how we need to prepare. Some of the points he brings up were actually on my mind before watching this video.  It's an eye opener for every person who believes in and follows Christ. If you can hang in there to the very end of the video, it's worth it - he offers words of encouragement and peace.


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