Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Out of Time" Dream

I had this dream on 9/18/12. I firmly believe the meaning of this dream is the Parable of the 10 virgins. It's a warning that many who feel they still have plenty of time to prepare, will be caught of guard when the Savior comes. 

The crazy thing about this dream, is a couple of days later I stumbled across a video of a Christian woman who had the exact same dream except hers was a wedding instead of a prom. She even had the same significant times in her dream 4:20 and 5:00 pm. She mentioned the significance of those times and what they mean. As I listened to her interpretation of her dream I got goosebumps. She and her friend bring up some very interesting food for thought. Here is their video.

Here is my dream:

I had a dream that there was a group of youth in my ward who were going to their prom. They had been planning all month and at the last minute one of the boy’s dates was not able to go. He was devastated and it was suggested that I go along with him that night to be his date. Even though I am married and much older, it was because I am kind, caring and patient that I was asked and also thought it a good idea to be like chaperone watching over the group.

The day started with him picking me up in a car with the other couples riding along. These young men were blond, blue eyed and very clean cut. They were righteous and wearing light colored clothes. We were on our way to a restaurant up the canyon for lunch. Along the way the boy (my date) was lost and couldn’t find the restaurant. I remember thinking that it was a good thing I was there to help guide him. I had been to the restaurant before and was confident I could find it. I took charge and they were grateful.

Later that day a series of small events happened where some of the youth made unwise choices and unfortunate things happened to them. I remember feeling bad for them. I remember them running through a field where lightening was striking and someone may have gotten hurt. I could feel the shock of the lightning in the ground and the static in the air. I was worried but continued thinking that it was a good thing I was there to be a good example for them and help guide them to better choices.

Finally it was time to get ready for the dance. I was at home (my mother’s house). I was wearing a long white dress. I thought to myself how seasoned I was at getting ready. I remembered back in the day when it took forever for me to get ready and I was unsure what I was doing. Now, I could make my hair so pretty so fast and do my makeup so pristine. I thought if only I knew back then what I know now, it would have saved a lot of headache. I then thought that I was doing so well on time that I would be finished way early and have time to spare. I was proud of myself.

 Suddenly the doorbell rang. It was my date. “But I thought they were coming at 5:00!” I shouted to my mom. “It’s 4:20  “Well you thought wrong.” She replied. I panicked. I was very unprepared. I was so certain that I had plenty of time and I was doing great, How wrong I had been. Only half of my hair was curled and I had no makeup on. I begged my mom to ask them to wait on me and then I woke up. 


I don't find it a coincidence that I received this series of dreams all within a few days. Clearly the Lord has a message. I feel that the time is at hand where "men's hearts shall fail them." I know that if we are living our lives in a manner where we can hear the gentle promptings of the Spirit, we will be guided to peace and safety. I say this in the name if Jesus Christ amen.


IRAQ said...

I think the analysis those two gals provided. I am big on the Rosh Hoshannah dates as key to the Lord's coming.

Lindsey said...

I was trying to explain the dates and what they mean to someone the other day as we were talking about my dream and I think I confused her more than I planned to. Do you have any recommendations for a website, book or such that explains it on a very basic level? Thanks!