Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beautiful Inspiration

I have been inspired by Nick Vujicic over the last year and would absolutely love to meet him someday. I place him #1 at the top of my list of most admired people. If you haven't seen his latest work; Butterfly Circus - then you must watch!

If you've read my recent posts, I've talked about how I have been striving for and praying to to be able to see all of God's children the way He does and to love them the way He does. This has transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. Every stranger I bump into, I feel this deep love and happiness for them. I want to know if they are happy, if there is anything I can help them with or if I can somehow let them know that I care about them by a kind gesture. It's been amazing!

Nick is one of the best examples of Christlike love towards all of God's children that I have ever seen. With the challenges he has been given it's beautiful to see that he is happy, happily married and soon to be a father. I hope this video inspires you!

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