Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jesus, God the Father, or an Angel?

I usually don't share these kinds of videos, but this one really got my attention. I found this video in a discussion in a Facebook group yesterday. The event in the video occurred in Tuscaloosa, Alabama during a facebook live video by Facebook user Solo Dolo last week.  The original video shows the live comments and dialogue below. This video has been cropped to cut out the conversation below. In the video you can see two beings, a man-like being walking behind a darker being in the clouds. I have always felt that storms and natural events, are a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Because the original video has some colorful language, I did not post it here. You can easily find it on YouTube. It reminds me of the continual reminder I've shared in my video messages, to look for signs in the heavens. I have shared posts before with my own videos and photos of incredible signs in the heavens, that I wouldn't have believed had I not caught it myself on camera. We live in exciting times!


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