Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Special You Really Are - Consider This...

Next time you are having a bad day, feeling unimportant, unnoticed, talentless, like a failure or dissatisfied with your life; consider this:

First of all, think about all the billions of people who have lived on this planet and are yet to be born.

Second, think about all of the planets/other worlds that our Heavenly Father has been sending his children to from the spirit world/preexistence. Not all of them are sent to Earth.

Lastly, realize where you live and what generation/dispensation you live in.

Yes, to have been born on the planet where our Savior Jesus Christ was born, to have been born in the last dispensation during the restored gospel and furthermore to be living in the land where he will return to rule and reign over or even to have been born into the gospel or to have found it and received it - says a lot about how special you really are.

Think about the odds, the small number of spirits who were privileged to have been born in such circumstances and to be a part of this great missionary work. Amazing!

After reflecting on my last post, I thought to myself; wow - I was born in America, into the gospel and during this last dispensation. What on Earth did I do to deserve that? I must have done something to show the Lord that I could be counted on in this great work.

With that in mind, we should find out what it is we were sent here to do. No, I don't mean what WE think we were sent here to do, but what HE sent us here to do. The only way to know that is to ask.

In regards to asking, Joseph Fielding McConkie said in his book Answers (p. 4),

"In the realm of gospel answers we generally find what we want. If we want justification for a particular course of action, we often will search until we find it. If we want to defend some idea, we may filter out anything that does not sustain it. And if we want to discover the mind and will of the Lord, we generally find that also. We cannot inquire of the heavens with real intent and a sincere heart if we have already determined what we will accept as an answer."

Keeping that in mind, if you go to the Lord in sincere prayer, He will tell you what your purpose is. Sheri Dew said in her book No Doubt About It (p. 2) "When it comes time to step across the veil, don't we each hope to be able to give the same report at the end of our mission here, 'I did what I was sent to do.'"

You are special which is why you are here now at this time in the place where you are - which means you have a very special and important assignment and purpose. I have always thought I knew what my purpose/mission was - but the more time I spend into trying to make that happen the further away I get from my goal. This has had me thinking lately, that maybe I am wrong. Maybe that's why things aren't happening the way I would like them to because I'm focusing on something that was not a part of what I was sent here to do. Though it sounds great to me, and I so badly have wanted to believe that has been my mission - I may be very wrong. So, I have taken this topic to heart and have decided to pray (without an answer I hope to receive already in mind) and ask what it is I should be doing right now so that I can fulfill this mission. I challenge you  to do the same and I know you will be blessed in doing so. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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