Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Response to the LDS Feminist Protest 12/16/12

This has been the hot topic on facebook today. There is a protest planned for this Sunday for women to wear pants to church and men to wear purple to support them. The women are protesting to be given more opportunities that the men have in the church. I called the Church Office Building and spoke to the Public Affairs department and they are already aware. The sweet sister that I spoke with thanked me for calling in and said that I am the only phone call they have received about it and she was very touched by my concern. We talked about it for a bit and agreed that it was very sad. Sad that some women feel this way and sad that they would demonstrate a world wide protest in sacrament meetings. It's clear that these women need more love and support - it's not an issue about wearing pants but an issue of feeling worth.

I'm sure the First Presidency is saddened as well and may express their concern in a letter. I hope they address this as it seems to correlate with the growing "feminist" "fairness" movements we are seeing throughout the country each day. Satan is wise in his methods of making people feel worthless, inferior or centering their lives around themselves. This is not the Lord's way.

I found the source of this protest. Here is the link

Here is a part of my response to these women:

Because we are His children we have amazing opportunities to be like Him. We are ALL told we can be like Him after we die. Not just men or just women…ALL of us. I have never heard a man complain that he can’t serve in the Young Women’s presidency, Primary Presidency or give birth to children. God knows what He is doing for a reason. Listen to the ordinances in the temple the next time you go, fast and pray, and you will feel the Spirit enlighten your understanding. Never underestimate the power of a righteous woman! Satan is great at feeding lies into our heads that we are inferior or insignificant. That couldn’t be further form the truth! The Lord is all powerful and all knowing…this is His church and these are His laws. I can testify that to trust Him and have faith in Him in all of wise purposes…we can only become more blessed and more happy. Unhappiness and feelings of inferiority do not come from Him. 

Sacrament meeting should always be about the Savior and reverencing Him, not a place for political statements and drawing attention to ourselves. This is very sad. These women and men are really protesting the Lord and His church not their bishops or the First Presidency. When you are against the Lord, His laws and commandments you are serving someone else. It's the slippery slope to apostasy.

As a reminder, I posted a BYU address from Elder Oaks last June. This is in my top three favorite posts that are a must read. Among other dangers he nails this issue on the head when he talks about femenist movements in the church. It's an eye opener. check it out!


Team MJ said...

I have to say that when I read this post I was deeply saddened. I don't even have words to say at the moment I am indeed speechless. I appreciate the testimony you bore and I will definitely take a stand with you on this issue. I know some of our less actives in our ward who have started to come back wear pants to church and I have never thought anything of it. But I feel like you that sacrament meeting is all about Christ. I am sorry to hear this is happening but I also know that God cannot be mocked..

May God Bless you this Christmas Season

Lindsey said...

Thank you! Yes, this put a damper on my day when I first heard about it. I feel like it's a sign of the times - when things like this happen within our own church. It seems like Satan trying to divide the saints against each other. Sad. I appreciate your kinds words. :)

nzkiwilady said...

I concur wholeheartedly with what MJ has written. Thank you for your perspective, Lindsey.

I think these men/women who are wanting more opportunities to serve need to look around their units and take on more responsibilities. Instead of having 5 homes to home/visit teach, perhaps they should ask to visit all the less actives, or help organize service to the elderly or to those with special needs. As a Relief Society president, I would so love to have help in these areas instead of my presidency taking on all the responsibilities because so many of our sisters, for one reason or another, are unable to carry out these assignments. I have also been president for many years and were there more of these sisters who wanted more opportunities in our ward, I'm sure my tenure would have been over long before now. Perhaps they need to come Downunder and help us out. There are opportunities galore here.

I too will not be protesting on Sunday and I am confident that our congregation of intelligent, humble and faithful sisters will unanimously be opting not to protest either. I love our mixed congregation of many ethnic cultures who love the Lord and are doing our best to build The Kingdom here in our area. What's happening is sad indeed.

nzkiwilady said...

PS: When exmormons start to support one's cause, one has to start worrying. Double sad!

Froxy Music said...

Why is this made out to be "sad"? These women are not asking for the priesthood or to be bishops... they are asking to wear things to church that while still "dressy" are less irritating that dresses and skirts, pantyhose, and unreasonable shoes. I personally have always hated, literally hated wearing skirts and dresses because I am heavier and frankly, it is hard to find clothing suitable for church that also isn't very distracting and uncomfortable to sit in for 3 hours. My skirts ride up, its hard to sit "lady like" with heavier legs, and pantyhose that don't fit right... I could go on. There have been many periods of time where I just won't go to church because of what I have to wear. If I could put on a pair of slacks that I know, even though I don't look thin, I can still sit without worrying the entire time if someone can see up my skirt and move my legs around without the same worries of it shifting more.

I think y'all shouldn't make this out to be some kind of satan-filled demonstration against the church. Pants simply are more comfortable that dresses, hose and shoes made for torture. That's really all it has to be. Lighten up.

Lindsey said...

If it were just about pants I wouldn't have posted about it. The Spirit bore witness to me that this was about way more than just pants. It's made to seem harmless and silly, but when you read what these women have posted and you pray about it - it actually is sad. These women made it very clear that they felt worthless and of no value and that's why they were making a statement. They clearly state in many interviews with the press they feel there is a fairness problem between men and women in the church. They didn't mention wanting to wear comfortable clothes. It is sad that women feel this way.

Froxy Music said...

Okay.... fair enough... you have your reasons for thinking its "sad", but now stop to think for a moment - is the test on those who want "fairness" for whatever reason, or is it a test of faithful members to accept something, that really in the big picture, isn't a big deal. Clothing items are a social thing...styles change, even radically at times. My ex is Scottish, and it is not a big deal at all for the men there to wear a kilt to church, because its a cultural thing. Maybe just stop for a second and also realize that wanting "fairness" and having a voice through saying "I want to wear pants" may be the only voice some women in the church have, who come from homes or marriages where there is unrighteous dominion. Don't pretend that their voice is less worthy of being heard than yours just because you view the rules differently. The Spirit bore witness to me that I should be more concerned with seeing the needs of others than be concerned with what they are wearing. So, which one of us is hearing things? There is a lesson here to be learned from both sides of this very non-issue issue. Be careful that you are not passing judgement where there need be none.

Lindsey said...

I appreciate your interest in my blog post. I'm sorry you misunderstood my message.