Sunday, December 23, 2012

Horse Dream

I had a profound dream this week, and I'm still not quite sure what it means but I know I was supposed to remember it and write it down. I woke up at 4:00 am not even realizing I had just had a dream. Then a thought came to me, "You've just had an important dream. Remember it and write it down."

I only had to think for just a few seconds and it came to me. Then I realized, "Yes, that was a significant dream." I got up and wrote it down and then went back to bed. I remember feeling like I needed to pay attention to the horses - they were the most important part about the dream.

While searching online about some of the symbols in my dream I read that horses in dreams can sometimes have prophetic meaning. I've posted the dream below along with what I think it possibly means. I'd love to hear any thoughts about it.

Horse Dream  

I was with my family. My mom was there, my sister and her husband and my husband, but I never saw their faces. We noticed an area that looked dry and desolate and a farm of some sort. There was a farm house and barn attached to it. We noticed flames coming out of the left upstairs window. I strangely joked that maybe the husband had killed his wife and then lit the fire figuring no one would ever know or care because of all the chaos going on everywhere else in the world.

It looked like we were looking west of the freeway and we were headed North. The dream never showed our faces and most of the time we viewed everything from above or right near where it was happening. 

We noticed that there were some horses tied to the barn and the house. The horses were dingy, and a dirty gray and pale color. They stared to get nervous and making sounds and kicking. Quickly other horses near the area came running over to help. They all formed a circle around the house and ran in a clockwise motion in that circle. The horses that were attached tried running as well. We worried that they were all going to burn in the fire and die. As they picked up speed, the house broke off of the foundation and was dragged through the field/pasture still on fire.  The ground was barren and just dry, cracked, brown dirt. 

They turned around and ran back towards where the house broke off and then the house hit a bump and flew up in the air and came back down. The wood split everywhere and the entire thing collapsed. The bed from the room where the fire began fell and landed on the ground. We saw a dead woman lying in the bed. Her face was covered by a gray blanket but you can see her long brown hair and her gray arms stretched up above her head.

Suddenly the blanket came off and she sat up and looked at me. Her face was pure evil and she began to laugh with an angry look on her face. Her skin was gray and her face had lacerations on it. I woke up.


I feel that the house represents something bigger like the world or the nation. The woman represents the evil church or Babylon. Babylon is sleeping and dead to the spirit. There is a “cover up” that will be revealed in due time. Babylon will be destroyed. The horses represent those who desire true freedom and want to break away from bondage and destruction. Others will come in and help them break away. The clockwise motion represents time. Over time as things pick up speed, babylon will hit a bump and be destroyed. The righteous will break away and the unrighteous will be destroyed. Evil will laugh as it has its final day. The unrighteous will realize they were deceived. 

I had prayed the night before to receive insight as to how the future will affect my family directly or anything we should know that would help us prepare. This may have been a confirmation through symbols that this is what our family can expect to see. It's been on my mind for a few days now.

If anyone has had a similar dream or any insight to share. I would love to hear. Thank you!

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IRAQ said...

Interesting! I have a feeling that your interpretation might well be correct.

I think we will know soon enough.