Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tower Dream

I have had so many dreams over the last few months and have been writing them down and trying to understand their meanings. Though some were personal insight for me and my life, others seemed more broad and appropriate to share.

This first dream that I have decided to share came to me on 9/20/12. Not only was this dream very heavy on my mind the next day but my husband made it very clear that he did not want to hear about any of my dreams. So I kept it to myself. It wasn't until two days later that he decided to tell me about a dream he had just had (he never remembers his dreams or likes to talk about them). He told me the dream and it was the same dream I had! I had the proof already written down since I had been logging my dreams. It blew our minds.

Here is my dream:

I had a dream that our home builder had come back to fix a bunch of things on the exterior part of our home in the backyard. Stones were falling off and it had been real shoddy work that they had to redo. 

There was this tall tower of stone in the center on the border of our backyard. It was very old and had been there for years. There was no fence or home behind us. There were lots of guys riding around on construction vehicles working on things.

I kept wondering about the tower and why it was even there. Stones kept falling of it and it was very dangerous. I worried that it would one day tip over and the stones would come crashing through our backyard window and hurt us.

I noticed a small black pickup truck driving near the tower assessing it. I saw that Obama and his daughters were in the truck. He was concerned about the tower collapsing and was not happy about its condition. The tower was dangerous and ugly and I wanted it taken down, but I knew that he wanted to patch it up so it would remain standing. He was there to make sure it would not fall. I felt as though I didn’t have a say in the matter. It was a hopeless feeling. We had planted a tree in front of it to hide it and also so that when stones fell, the tree would stop them from getting to our house. 

***end of dream***

My husband's dream showed the back our house and stones and stucco were falling off. There were crews of construction workers going around trying to patch everything up and fix it. It sounded exactly like the first half of my dream - then he woke up. He didn't see a tower or the president. 

In reality we did not have anything going on with the exterior of our home as a reason for us to be dreaming about it. We had not mentioned it or construction of any matter. Very strange.

I have my own thoughts of what this dream could mean, but I would love to hear thoughts from my readers. I will be sharing more recent dreams that raise much concern in the next week. It's so amazing to me that I have received so many in the last couple of months. Our family has definitely had some interesting experiences.


Tiffanie said...

my initial thoughts are the tower could be the national debt or government programs that are in danger of hurting us while we ourselves are just trying to keep things together in our own personal lives (houses).

Lindsey said...

Yes, that's exactly what I wrote down in my dream book. It completely makes sense. :)