Monday, October 15, 2012

Must Listen to Audio

I was blessed to stumble across this link to an amazing audio piece that I highly recommend listening to. The hairs on my arm stood on edge throughout the entire audio and it brought happy tears to my eyes.

I traced the audio to the blog UnBlogMySoul by LDS author John M. Pontius. I was so excited to have found this blog. John is the author of several books and recently authored a book for a friend who had an amazing experience which is in the audio below. From what I have learned, his friend works at the Salt Lake temple and taught for almost 30 years at the University of Utah.

As I read through the blog, so happy to have found it, I was sad to learn in the most recent blog post that John has cancer and is very ill right now. He will be limiting his blog posts. His last blog post almost sounds like a fairwell. It's amazing to scroll through the archive and see how quickly this book came together for John and his friend. He talks about feeling an urgency to get this book published quickly, in fact a year sooner than all his other books. Then you learn in real time that his friend is ill (I believe with cancer) and John has cancer. It's amazing to see that John acted on his promptings to complete this book as now he would be too ill to do so. My prayers go out to he, his family and his friend.

The book "Visions of Glory" is available for pre-order here. I just can't wait to get a copy! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.



Tiffanie said...

So excited to read this book next month! :) His books and blog are like a spiritual feast

Lindsey said...

I know - and you just can't stop eating!! :)

IRAQ said...

Glad you liked that audio too. I believe it all will happen - perfectly as described.