Friday, December 30, 2011

Help Me Launch My New Book!

It's finally time! I told you a while ago that I was working on a new book. Well, I wrote it a few months ago and for some reason felt that I needed to wait on the last chapter for something that hadn't happened yet. I wasn't sure where I would come up with the money to publish it but I felt that it would all work out and come together by spring. I realized that if God was working through me to share this important message with even just one or two people, He would help find a way to make it possible. Well, the last chapter has finally come together and I can see God's hand in guiding this book to be published by spring.

To give a recap of the story, I received divine inspiration one day last summer about a message that I felt I was to share publicly. I was to write a book about my experiences with some very important successes and failures that have happened in the last few years in my life. I was to write about recognizing God's hand in all things and finding the successes in our failures. You see, God has taught me a lot about this in the past few years and there is a very important message relating to all of this that I have felt prompted to share. Even if this message only reaches a few people or changes the life of one, it will be worth the effort.

Click on this link to learn more about the book and how you can pre-order your copy and spread the word to help launch this Divine message! Thanks!!

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