Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Bookshelf

I have always been a fan of self-help, autobiographies and really anything non-fiction. For some reason, I have always felt that fiction novels are just a waste of my time. I read to be educated and inspired not entertained. My time is very valuable and so if it doesn't educate me...well, then I'll just wait for the movie to come out.

Really, I must be the only girl in the world who has not read the Twilight books, though I did see the movie. I know that if I wasn't already so busy and had very little responsibility and no children I would take on reading these entertaining novels. By nature I am not just a dreamer, I am a doer. I know that this is where my interest for non-fiction comes from. I love to learn and do! I love being productive.

So here is a list of my top three favorite reads for 2009. Each one of these books came to my attention in the most unexpected and unusual ways. I know that they were directed to me by divine intervention without a doubt. Without the spirit confirming things to me it would be very easy to assume that the authors of these books are crazy nut jobs just looking to make a buck. However after studying each author and their cause it is clear to me they have an important message to share with the world. Those not ready to hear it will be easily in doubt and quick to judge while those who are ready to hear it will experience a powerful life changing journey. Each one of these books has had a powerful influence on my life and the lives of all those who I have shared them with. I have never been moved so powerfully by any other book (besides the scriptures). You know a book is worth your time when you can't put it down, you feel the spirit testify things to you, you learn something new, and you want to be a better person. That's exactly what these books did.

There is No Death : Sarah Menet

Sarah Menet had a near death experience in 1979. Prior to this experience she had decided that there was no God. Because of her horrific experiences in life she assumed there was no afterlife and that if God really existed she wouldn't have been allowed to suffer the things she had. Therefore she commit suicide and was pronounced dead on the scene. During her brief death until paramedics arrived and revived her at the hospital Sarah was shown how her choice had consequences and how it would affect her eternally and others. She saw and was taught many things such as why bad things are allowed to happen to good people, why we are here on Earth, what happens after we die, what is deja vu, is there such thing as reincarnation, and what is Hell like. Sarah was also shown many future events that would take place such as two tall buildings collapsing in New York City, plagues striking four specific cities in the U.S and nuclear war. She also met her dead grandmother for the first time and got to see her unborn son in whom she did not know would be born to her until later in life. She was also allowed to see the Savior and was permitted a brief visit to "Hell" (which matches details of the book below) After getting a second chance at life Sarah could not deny God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been her desire ever since to share this message with those who will listen.

23 Minutes in Hell: Bill Wiese

Bill Wiese a successful real estate broker kissed his wife good night one evening and shortly after had an experience that has forever changed his life. Being a spiritual man of Christian faith and very shy this experience was very unexpected and difficult to endure. It wasn't until later that Bill was shown the purpose of his brief visit to Hell. While there he witnessed the "Lake of fire", and it was explained to him in detail the horrific torments that will happen to the wicked and those who don't repent of their sins in this life. For many, reading scripture isn't enough to motivate a person to repent of their sins, however after reading Bill's experience it is very believable that fear can motivate a person very quickly. Bill's experience has brought many people who claim that there was "no hope" to change their hearts or lifestyle to turn their lives around for the better and believe in and follow God. After reading what Bill witnessed the scriptures come to life as he makes sense of several scriptures references that speak and warn of Hell. You can watch some of Bill's seminars on YouTube as he describes his experience in person. The book offers far more detail.

Dream and Visions of the Last Days: Roger Young

After taking on the topic "The Last Days" for a family goal to study throughout the year, Roger and his family became experts on the topic as well are preparedness. He began teaching classes on the topics of food storage, preparedness, signs of the last days and warnings from the prophets. It wasn't before long that members of the church from all over the world, began contacting Roger and sharing with him their dreams, visions and experiences of the last days. They were all having the exact same dreams and visions which marveled Roger as they did not know each other. Roger cites visions such as the George Washington vision all the way up to the Ruben J Clark prophecy. Roger carefully notes that he the purpose of this book is to "convince a few more people to follow the living Prophet a little more closely, and to prepare themselves and their families for the events which lie in the (near?) future by preparing Spiritually (getting temple recommends and using them often), Physically (obtain a minimum one year supply of food, clothing, shelter and other necessities), and Mentally. And as part of this preparation to perhaps come to understand some of the events that they will likely have to pass through." I recommend buying the DVD as Roger explains in a recorded seminar the reality of the last days, the signs that have passed and what we can expect real soon. After reading these visions of prophets, apostles and saints you will be a changed person.

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Reading!!

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