Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fear Not, I Am With Thee

Have you ever been caught in a storm in your car or while out on a walk? The thunder and lightening, rain, snow, wind and cold air seem to add a bit of uneasiness to the moment. It's different when we are in the safety of our home but being out in the storm changes everything. If you have actually witnessed this then you know there is nothing better then when the clouds part and a ray of light shines through separating the light from the darkness. The warmth from that light that seems to take our worries away and remind us that God is there and is aware of us.

Music is another way that God speaks to us. There are so many songs that I have received personal messages from that are near and dear to my heart. Today's message comes from one of my favorite Hymns How Firm a Foundation. I absolutely love this hymn especially when the Tabernacle Choir sings it. The third verse is my favorite as I feel it directed personally to me every time I hear the words:

Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed,
For I am thy God and will still give thee aid;
I’ll strengthen and help thee, and cause thee to stand
Upheld by My righteous, omnipotent hand.

Today I was reminded of this hymn throughout the day as I heard several references to it in scriptures, talks and testimonies. It got me to thinking how powerful God really is and that He will never abandon us. I thought about all the times I have been afraid and reminded myself that fear doesn't come from God. If we truly trust in God then fear will have no power over us. Anytime we feel the burden of fear overcome us it is because we are not putting our full trust and faith in God.

When we feel fear the first thing we need to do is get on our knees and talk to our Heavanly Father. Just talking to Him and asking for His help will immediately calm our fears. Having this knowledge that God has power over all even Satan, can help us have confidence in our decisions, ourselves and those we love.

Whether or not we choose to worship and follow Him, He has been, is and always will be our God and creator. Nothing will ever change that. The verse I mentioned above are the words He whispers to us through the Spirit time and time again during our times of struggle and when we pray to him in our most difficult moments.

Feeling God's love for me personally, is the best feeling I can experience in this life. I can't imagine how people survive this life and go through trials while withdrawn from His spirit. The more things we do that are displeasing to the Lord, the more we push ourselves away from Him and His love. We do this to ourselves as we no longer feel worthy of His love and lose promptings from the precious Spirit. Eventually we will experience trial upon trial until we realize how much we need Him and make that effort to come back to Him. Though we sometimes forsake Him, He will never forsake us.

In the second verse of Jericho Road's song You Melt the Madness it says:

It seems this crazy world is never going to change
So, Lord I want you to change me
And in the chaos I'll be calling out Your name
Won't You set me free with Your serenity

This is another favorite song of mine. I love this verse because it reminds me that humility is another part of the formula. How often to we ask the Lord to change everything around us and make it better? When we know that His will is always definite, we should be asking Him to help change us so that we can better deal with our trials rather than asking him to remove them from us.

Another line in this song:

Come what may no matter what I face
I'll be still and know that You are God

Again, this reminds me of the trust we need to have in Him. When we can show Him that we are confident in His will, He will bless us for our faith and we will feel peace. I challenge you to try this next time you feel fear and uncertainty. Pray for change in yourself, have faith and put your trust in God. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your life.

I’d like to hear what favorite songs or hymns have brought hope and comfort into your life. Please comment below.

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