Sunday, May 28, 2017

My New Favorite Gospel Message Video!

Oh, how I absolutely love this video! Last night I was teaching my children how to dance to Conga music. I told them that their feet were going to be drums and to move their feet to each drum beat they heard in the music. We began dancing very fast and it was fun and brought us all together.The Spirit told me as we were dancing that dance is a Heavenly Language and certain movements have meaning and convey Heavenly power. That thought made me very happy.

This last week, my son just started taking drum lessons after begging me for several weeks to buy him drums. I felt a theme coming on, and then today I discovered this new video and watched it with my son. There is definitely something very healing about vibration, frequencies, beats, music, and the heart. It reminds me of my recent posts about music and healing.

Also, I was reminded of 2 Nephi 30 and the prophecies of the gathering of Israel, Laminates and Jews joining Gentiles and all being converted to the Lord and the restoration of Israel. Absolutely beautiful!

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