Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Dream I Just Had

I've made an effort over the last couple of weeks to try to remember my dreams right when I wake up. I then write them down in my phone and search the meanings. I've been finding that the more I do this, the more I am starting to remember, and the more I am noticing answers in my dreams to waking questions.

I've also been experiencing people playing key roles in my dreams whom I believe are my ancestors and angels. They have been teaching me so much and guiding me in clear directions.

The other night I had a dream that really cleared up a situation going on in my present life. I was so grateful for it. The night before I had "gone with my gut" on something that my head told me to leave alone. I wondered later if that was the right choice even though it felt right and I know that going with your feelings always trumps your logic (that's what I teach). Well, my dream confirmed that to me. In fact what was so interesting is that I typed in the word "flower" into the dream dictionary and instead of "flower" coming up, a very specific species of flower came up that I had only heard of a few times in my life. I googled the flower and looked at the image and it was the exact flower in my dream! Someone sure wanted me to find that. As I read the meaning of that flower in the dream dictionary it was spot on to what had just happened the night before.

At the end of the dream, something very interesting happened. I was shown a necklace with something on it that looked like a compass or meter of some sort. I was told that it was a spiritual tool I had been given in Heaven but for some reason, mine hadn't been activated for use on Earth. I was told I needed to activate it.

When I woke up I began to google different kinds of meters and when the image of a barometer came up - that was the one! I had never seen one before until now. It was amazing because a week prior I had been feeling as though there was a storm cloud looming over me for a short while. I couldn't figure out why. I then had a dream that told me exactly why. It was some negative feelings I was harboring about someone in my life that I thought I had let go, but I hadn't. I was able to use the atonement and give those feelings to the Savior. I even made a video about it because it was so profound.

So, the barometer measures pressure. It can show us when storm clouds are moving in or when sunshine is on the way. Mine hadn't been working and I wasn't able to detect the change in pressure (spiritually speaking). I was taken by complete surprise. It got me thinking that we all have a spiritual barometer that tells us when we are in God's presence and when we have left it. Is there someone or something in your life that you are not at peace with? Your indication will be the peace that you do or do not feel in ALL areas of your life.

The barometer is only a tool for measuring, it's up to you to make the changes in your spiritual weather system by going to the Lord and asking for His help. Only He can remove the clouds and shine His light upon you. Only He can save you from your own spiritual turbulents.

I googled "spiritual barometer" and found many blogs where people have made the same analogy and connection. I am amazed! So, today I prayed to the Lord asking Him to activate my spiritual barometer and you know what? I think He did. :)

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