Thursday, March 12, 2015

Half Hour of Silence

Once in a while I find things that are very intriguing and I'll post them. Here is something that a friend of mine found in a forum and sent to me. I do not have the web link but this a copy and paste from someone anonymous. Just read it and ponder and see what comes to your mind. :)

1/2 Hour of Silence

I'm not saying this is the 1/2 hour of silence ending, but it is pretty coincidental that the following numbers match up exactly.

1/2 hour of silence, based on 1000 years to the Lord would be:

20 Years
09 Months
20 Days

President Benson was the last prophet to boldly and over the conference center pulpit speak out about communism, socialism, and gadianton societies. Since his time we have moved into a faith, hope, and charity model at conference.

President Benson died on 30 MAY 1994

Doing the math, if you calculate 20 years, 9 months, and 20 days since his death, the end of the half hour of silence is on:

20 March 2015 (that is this month)

On the Jewish calendar it falls on New Years Eve and on 1 Nissan because the Jews tell their time from sunset to sunset.

On 1 Nissan this year, or 20 March 2015, we will have the Solar Eclipse in the middle of the blood moon tetrad.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but on top of all that, the Western United States fasted to have the famine of rain and of investigators end by request of the Prophet.

How does the Lord stop a physical drought and a famine of spirituality in the world? He preaches with lightning, thunder, and shaking of the earth. He shakes up governments and economies. Could we see an increase in natural disasters like a early spring meltdown in the east which would cause flooding? Maybe an earthquake in the west. Perhaps even pre-shocks to the economy leading up to the October Shemita judgement?


The "WHY" to the 1/2 hour of silence in Heaven

As I thought about it, silence denotes reverence to something special. In sacred events spectators, participants, and bystanders come to attention, and silently stand (or sit) still, while reverently watching. 

Here are a few instances:

Temple ordinances
Birth of a child
The pledge of allegance 
Other religious ordinances
At funeral processions and funerals
Other ceremonies
And special awards 

I can think of no other more important time for silence in Heaven than just before the return of earths rightful King, the Second Coming of our Savior- Jesus the Christ.

It might be that the inhabitants of Heaven are also commanded to remain silent in preparation of that sacred event. What better announcement than to preplan "everyone put on your best garments when we are asked to become silent!" Or they may be asked to change into their best clothing days in advance. 

Silence denotes respect, reverence, honor, praise, appreciation, and love. All the best when the Bridegroom comes to claim His bridesmaids.
When we see the final sign in heaven that Christ is coming to earth, I think after all the distraction we will witness, then seeing Christ finally coming we will all be in awe...we will all be SILENT....watching......and so thankful that the time has finally arrived!
Awesome math!

President Monson said there are no coincidences right? That is an amazing coincidence!

24-hour prophetic day:
1,000 year period divided by 24 = 41.666
1 prophetic hour = 41.666 years
½ prophetic hour = 20.833 years

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