Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hastening the Work Part 1

About a couple weeks ago I noticed the stack of dusty temple cards on my dresser and felt the sudden urge to get them done. For almost two years they sat there as I was left unsure what to do after my bishop had taken them in hopes to have the youth and other ward members help with the baptisms and confirmations. A month later he returned them to me telling me that there was a problem of some sort and the temple worker said these names were duplicates and couldn't be done.

It didn't make any sense. There were no duplicates of these names - we had made sure of it. I just wasn't sure what to do all I knew was that I didn't think I could ask my bishop to take them and give it another shot. I didn't know how to look into this or who to talk to. As the months went on, I would reach out on facebook desperately seeking someone who was an expert on family search. I even went to the family history center and the workers there weren't sure how to help me. It seemed almost hopeless.

Finally a couple weeks ago I felt a very strong urge to try again to figure it out. I had the idea to call the temple and ask them what to do. I did, and the woman who helped me said that if I had the cards already printed out there shouldn't be a problem. She said there must have been some kind of miscommunication or misunderstanding but was positive if I brought them in again, there wouldn't be a problem. I was so happy! I couldn't believe how easy that was.

Then I paused as I wondered how long it would take before I could find a group of youth to do the baptisms. That's when the thought came that I should just do them. I realized that it was all the female cards that were not done and the male cards didn't have a problem. I could feel the urgency that these names needed to be done and so I decided I would devote my entire Saturday to doing them all.

As I went though all the names I had the feeling that I needed to pay for another month on ancestry.com and that I should double check if there were any more names that I could find before I went. That's when I found a new name had been added to the family tree. I was so excited! It was my great great great grandma whom I never could find. During all those months, someone had found her and added her to the tree. I printed her name and felt that she was a part of the urges I had been feeling.  

That Saturday I went alone to the temple and spent hours doing baptisms, confirmations, initiatories and an edowment. I ended up having dinner at the temple because I was so hungry. It was tough being pregnant and going so many hours without food.It was a sacrifice but I felt I couldn't take a break until I had done all I could do.

On the way home from the temple I felt a happy and peaceful feeling and that my ancestors were so grateful that they wanted to bless me anyway they could. On Monday I received a random phone call from a stranger who had an opportunity for me that I had been praying for (for months). I was so overcome with gratitude and felt that it was my ancestor's and the Lord's way of blessing me and letting me know of their gratitude.

Let me just tell you that I had almost given up on this request of mine but Monday morning I began thinking about it again and wondered if it would ever be granted. When this random stranger called it was against all odds.

There is more to this story that I will reveal un part 2 but let me just tell you that "Hastening the Work" has been the subject of every fireside, training, sacrament meeting, stake conference, ward conference, combined 5th Sunday, Ensign message and even in Gerneral Conference. I have really taken it to heart and have put forth effort to do what I can. I could feel my ancestors also wanting me to hasten their work. I can honestly say I feel this strong urge on both sides of the veil.

I have promised the Lord that I will make this my number one goal as I know how important it is to  him. I have been gently reminded that this is a covenant I made the very first time I went through the temple.
I have scratched other priorities from my life to make time and room to do all I can to hasten the work. As I have done this I have seen and felt a huge difference in my life. I have become more happy and more positive. Life has become more enjoyable.

I know this work will be done and the Lord needs me to do any part I can. I believe this is a big part of my purpose and mission at this time in my life. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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