Saturday, August 3, 2013

Voices From Beyond

While visiting my inlaws this week, I had an interesting experience in the middle of the night.

I don't know what time it was but I'm guessing around 3:30 A.M. I heard children's voices possibly even just one child. It was very happy and almost laughing and joyous. It sounded muffled so I couldn't make out what it was saying but at the same time it was so loud I could hear it in my room and it woke me up. There was an echo to each word said. All the kids were fast asleep and it lasted a good half hour or so. It was very interesting and made me happy. 

I  felt as though it was a voice of someone beyond the veil who loved me and was trying to say something to me. Maybe a child? It sounded far away as though it were coming from heaven but yet was so loud I could hear it in my room. I could hear it inside of me. It was the strangest thing.

The last time I visited four years ago, I had seen an appraition in the middle of the night go down the hallway. When I described what it looked like to my mother in law her eyes grew big and she believed it to be her father. What I described him wearing was what he had worn the day he passed away. She had always beleived that each night he visited her in her room to check on her and then made his way down the hall to tilt my son's picture on the wall to let her know he was there. Each morning the picture would be crooked and she would fix it. I saw him come through her bedroom door and down the hall towards my son's picture. She couldn't believe it.

We have always felt as though my husband's grandpa was a guardian angel to my son. When he was two years old he would tell us about a friend that visited him often who wore all white clothing. He said his name was Mykin. One day he saw a picture of Manuel's grandpa and said that was him. Manuel's grandpa is German and in German "Mein Kind" means "My child". I beleive that's what his "friend" probably said each time he greeted him and so Gabe called him "Mykin".One day this friend of his stopped visitng and we asked him why? He responded that his friend had to go back to work.

One day when Manuel's grandpa was slowly dying we visitied him at his home. He was lying in a hospital bed. Manuel and I were newly married and I didn't know his family too well yet. His grandpa was blind at that point and they said he was out of his mind. He heard my voice and asked for me. I thought that strange since he didn't speak any English and he didn't know me. Plus there were people he didn't remeber anymore. He took my hand, squoze it as hard as he could and wept like a baby. He was saying things in German and he kissed my hand. No one told me what he said, but I felt like he had seen beyond this world and he knew things. The rest of the family thought he had gone crazy, but I believe he prbably was visiting beyond the veil. He probably met our first born son who wouldn't be born until six years later. He knew things we didn't.

When I was pregnant with Gabe I remember one night feeling Manuel's grandpa's presence next to my bed and it was a very calm and loving feeling. I felt safe. I beleive he has always had a special stewardship over my son.

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