Sunday, February 10, 2013

Humility and a Hospital - The Bright Side of Adveristy

This last week was pure exhaustion! So much sickness has come in and out of our house over the last 3 weeks and I am the only one who has managed to avoid it. My 6 year old son was hit the hardest by a nasty virus that wreaked havoc and everyone for 24 hours. For him, he never seemed to recover.

On the 2nd day of being sick, I was at the church all night as I was in charge of a Relief Society activity. My husband went to give my son a blessing and could not find his oil. So he gave a blessing without the oil. The next day after no improvement, I felt helpless and wanted to see what else could be done. My husband was at work carrying out a huge event that he could not miss. So, I went on Facebook asking if any priesthood brethren were home who could come administer a healing blessing with oil. 

 Within a few minutes several women were offering their husbands, fathers, grandfathers (you name it!) to come help. Finally, a brother from the ward showed up in a white shirt and tie ready to give a blessing. He is a dentists as is his wife. Apparently his wife showed up while he was with a patient and he asked her what she was doing there and she replied, "I'm here to take over so you can go give Sister Rietzsch's son a blessing." He left work, went home and changed and came over to our home.

I was so touched and humbled by this kind act and the many kind acts that followed from everyone in the neighborhood for the rest of the week.

The blessing was powerful and the Spirit bore witness that Gabe would heal in due time. After it was over Gabe was able to rest in bed for 7 hours without having to get up once. It was a blessing!

Late into the night the illness came on strong again, and he was again a slave to the bathroom. Gabe began to sob, saying that the blessing had not worked. I had to explain to him that blessings always occur on the Lord's time and according to our faith. The Lord said he would be healed in due time not "instantly". It broke my heart to see him so discouraged but I knew he was needing to learn this for a reason.

The next morning, not much had changed.After missing a whole week of school, and the doctor telling me to wait it out three more days before I bring him in, I finally drove him to Primary Children's Medical Center and admitted him to the ER.

He was dehydrated from severe diarrhea and his bowels were very irritated to the point of continuous bleeding. He was given an IV and fully hydrated in just a couple of hours. They took samples and sent in for tests. After nothing else could be done, they sent us home. He was starting to show improvement, had the energy to laugh again and was able to sleep through the whole night.

The next morning he was completely himself again! Now, he could see that the blessing had been fulfilled. He was better!

During this experience several thoughts crossed my mind. First I thought about how terrible these viruses are getting and wondered if it's a blessing to help strengthen our immune systems for what is to come. Then, I thought about how the Lord tests and strengthens those he chooses. The younger generations have a lot to prepare for in these last days and they need to be strong. Our patience, endurance, faith and testimonies are being challenged often to help us and the Lord know where we stand. Can He use us in the way that He needs to? What do we need to learn and experience in order to be better prepared and strengthened?

Realizing this helped me get through one crazy week. We learned that relying on the Lord is all you can do in situations like this. We learned that we have wonderful neighbors who care and want to help in our times of need. We learned that we are a lot stronger than we realized. We learned that sometimes being exhausted of all your energy puts you in a position to experience great humility. Humility reminds us of where our strength and blessings come from. We remember that we are nothing without God.

There are several scriptures that teach us about the importance of humility. Here are some that I really like:

Doctrine and Covenants 104:79-80

 And it is my will that you shall humble yourselves before me, and obtain this blessing by your diligence and humility and the prayer of faith.

 And inasmuch as you are diligent and humble, and exercise the prayer of faith, behold, I will soften the hearts of those to whom you are in debt, until I shall send means unto you for your deliverance.

Doctrine and Covenants  112:10

  Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers.

This experience has reminded me that the Lord gives us adversity so that we remember him. What a beautiful thing affliction can be when you have suffered through it and become refined. When you remember the Lord in everything- you find your strength!

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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Tiffanie said...

We've had lots of flu bugs around here over this winter too, and I thought that same thing that it might be to strengthen our bodies against more to come. Glad your little boy is better, and here's a post from a blog that helped me when I was sick with morning sickness and the flu for like 4 weeks, it was torture, and this helped me let my suffering remind me of our Savior - :)