Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reaching Through the Veil

This weekend, I was able to dig out a large box of old photos and documents from past ancestors, that still to this day no one understands how I inherited it. I got the box from my mom, she got it from her mom but neither of them ever looked through it or knew what was in it. My Grandma doesn't remember who gave it to her.

I truly believe that I ended up with it, because someone on the other side of the veil knew I would do something with it. In fact, as I've explored the old documents in there some dating back to 1910, I've delighted in learning about these people whom I truly believe have some sort of stewardship or watch over me and my family. Their stories had been forgotten and unkown throughout the last few generations. I was about to resurrect them!

It's like having discovered a giant treasure box full of precious jewels. I still can't believe that I have these items and I can't wait to piece the photos, letters, and stories together to further my family tree and genealogy work. It really feels as though unseen visitors have been guiding me, urging me and influencing me to learn about them.

I found a patriarchal blessing from 1923. It was very fascinating to read and very different from any blessing in my family that I have ever read. The woman's name in whom the blessing belonged to (Lucille Oakden Karzis) was also written on the back of several post cards, letters and photos. I did some research and found out she is my great grandmother's sister and it doesn't appear that she ever had children. It does not mention anything about a husband or children in her blessing either - very interesting. She received this blessing at the age of 29. I really wanted to scan in her blessing thinking it might be okay as it is very old. Then I felt that it was still sacred and should be treated that way.

Something I do want to share is the interesting signature I found at the bottom. Here it is:   Hyrum G Smith

Clearly he must have been directly related to the late prophet's brother Hyrum Smith. So I did some research and yes, he was! I then googled Hyrum G. Smith and got to know who he was a little better.

After learning more about him and then reading these beautiful words in the blessing he gave my ancestor, it was a surreal experience. To think that this blessing had been hidden away for so long, and these people forgotten by today's generations. I feel it's my duty to share what I learn about the amazing fore-bearers who built up Zion before our time. In doing so, I truly believe I am making a personal connection with these individuals through the veil by honoring their lives and who they were. I firmly believe that I will be blessed by making this a priority.

Here is a little bit about what I learned about Hyrum G Smith:

Hyrum Gibbs Smith (July 8, 1879 – February 4, 1932) was Presiding Patriarch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1912 until his death.

Smith was born in South Jordan, Salt Lake County, Utah Territory to Hyrum Fisher Smith and Annie Maria Gibbs. At the age of 32, he was ordained a high priest and Patriarch to the Church on May 9, 1912 by Church President Joseph F. Smith. Hyrum G. Smith's paternal grandfather John Smith was the Presiding Patriarch immediately before him. John Smith was the son of Hyrum Smith, the elder brother of Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the LDS Church. The father of Joseph and Hyrum, Joseph Smith, Sr., was the first Patriarch to the Church.

Smith died of pneumonia in Salt Lake City.[1] After his death, the office of Presiding Patriarch was left vacant for several years, but was eventually filled by Smith's nephew Joseph Fielding Smith. In 1947, Hyrum G. Smith's son Eldred G. Smith became the Patriarch to the Church.

 I can't wait to learn more and share!

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