Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christ is Coming...

I have had dream after dream about the need to prepare for the Lord's return. It's been so frequent that I started writing them down in a journal so that I can ponder on the meaning and warnings. I asked my husband if he wanted to hear about them and he gave me a firm "no". He doesn't like hearing about things that have to do with the last days. What's even more interesting is that my husband who does not ever remember his dreams, like talking about dreams or ever hearing mine - out of the blue yesterday said "I had a weird dream." I asked him to tell me and he did. To my astonishment it was the exact same dream I had 2 days earlier - which he did not know about.

So, A - he actually remembered a dream, B - he wanted to tell me about it and C - it was the same dream I had. I felt a confirmation that this dream and message was significant indeed. The Lord wanted me to know for a surety that this message was important and from Him by relaying the same dream to my husband and allowing him to remember it.

For now, I will keep this dream private but I will tell you that it's message is very clear that drastic change is coming to this nation and world. Christ is on His way and will be here sooner than we realize or expect. Most of us are going to be caught off guard and unprepared. Now is the last little moment to get ourselves ready for that great and dreadful day.

Do whatever it is that you need to do to be ready to meet the Lord. Take care of any lingering sins, study your scriptures like you never have before, and pray as often as you tweet or facebook! As you purify yourself you will be in a position to receive instruction and messages from the Holy Ghost and if you pray for it, it will come. The Lord will tell you what you need to be doing to prepare you and your family for what is coming. You will feel peace, protection and safety.

As I said above that the Spirit has been directing me towards so may things that are all pointing to change and a hastening of the Lord's return. It has never been as loud and clear as it has been this month which tells me things are about to speed up. Last Sunday, in sacrament meeting, the bishop announced a CES fireside that night at 6:00 and Elder Holland would be speaking. I love Elder Holland, he is one of my most favorite apostles because he tells it like it is - with no sugar coating. I nudged my husband and asked him to remind me to watch it that night.

Well later that night I sat down and read some spiritual blogs and then was about to shut the computer down when I felt that there was something else I was supposed to still read or view. I decided to go to to see if maybe there was a new article or video posted that would be inspiring. As I did I saw the large image of the CES fireside at 6:00. I looked at the computer is was 5:58pm. Oh, how I thanked the Lord for reminding me!

I watched this fireside and I'm telling you Elder Hollands words moved me like they never have before. I haven't felt the Spirit that strong since girls camp 1994. He was very firm when he said that times are changing and as saints we will no longer flee those that persecute (as in days of old like Moses, Lehi and the pioneers saints). The saints are spread too far across the globe and there are no new places for them to go to as a refuge. We will stand firm in our Holy places and defend ourselves. This was powerful to me. He made it clear that the Lord is coming soon and when He comes how happy we will be if we are caught in the very act of service at His return. We need to become a more Zion-like people. Serve more and love more so that we are prepared for His return and are able to live a Zion-like life because we had already been doing so. Check out Elder Holland's fireside here

Then today, at the Brigham City temple dedication I heard something that really moved my spirit. The temple president said we need to always have our temple recommends current. He said that when the Lord returns He will visit His temples. We will receive an invitation from our Stake president and bishop to go to the temple to see the Savior in person. It will be such a glorious event that the bishop and his counselors are not going to be at the church house doing temple recommend interviews they will be at the temple. If you don't have have a current recommend you will miss out on that glorious opportunity. We need to be using our recommends so that it becomes habit to be at the temple and to be living a clean and pure life.

Furthermore, a week ago  was reading the Ensign and a certain article really stood out to me. How Disciples of Christ Live in Times of War and Violence. by David Brent Marsh. Never before have I seen an Ensign article preparing us as saints to live in a time of war and violence. This was new and really astonished me. Also, Quentin L. Cook has an article titled Restoring Morality and Religious Freedom. I see a pattern here of a strong message the Lord is trying to get to us. 

Lastly, on Tuesday while I was taking a shower, my 4 year old decided to take an ink pad to the basement wall. She made a mural about 2 ft X 2 ft right next to the TV. When she told me about it by blaming it on her baby sister I went down to assess the damage. Realizing it would take some massive effort to clean that wall, I didn't have the time or energy to do it and wanted to save it for later. I got the strong feeling to just take care of it now. It was time for lunch and the girls were hungry and I really didn't have time, but that feeling came again. I went and grabbed my cleaning supplies and went down to the basement. I noticed right then that the girls had put it on channel 11 and a BYU devotional was starting. I haven't watched a BYU devotional since who knows when. Because the ink mess was right next to the TV, I could see and hear the message loud and clear. Again, this was no coincidence. When I finished the last little blotch of ink, the devotional ended. Humbled that the Lord continues to guide me to this message through so many clever ways, I had a difficult time being mad at my daughter for what she had done, it was inspired by the Lord. 

Art by Jon McNaughton
The speech was titled The Hard Work of Understanding by Judge Thomas B. Griffith a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He spoke about the constitution, patriotism, our govt. system and the importance of understanding it all.He cautioned that though we are all passionate right now as a nation about our political views that it does not cause us to become enemies. That we love and respect each other. I know this has election has been a sensitive issue for many and I see each weeks, passions turning to anger and contention. This is exactly how the civil war began. It turned family members against each other.

Wow! This last month has been a powerful one. Never before have I been led by the Spirit in so many miraculous ways so often - to the message that Christ is on His way, than I have this month.

In Micah 7:6 in reference to our day and time it reads:

 For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.

In Luke 12:53

 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says:

 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

Let us remember that God's people are not a contentious people. During these coming troubling times we must exert patience, love, service and stand firm on our morals, values and principles. Do all that you can to prepare you and your household as the Lord comes soon.  

I say this in His holy name, Jesus Christ - amen.

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Tiffanie said...

Oh, I loved Elder Holland's talk! And I wrote what President Checketts said with exclamation points all around it, that was my most memorable part, I don't want to ever be left out of the blessings the lord has in store for us. (and I'd love to hear about your dream when/if you decide to share it!!)