Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's Side are You on?

The feeling has come over me lately to talk about the importance of defending "all" of the words of the prophet, his counselors, our leaders and the Lord. We can't just pick and choose what we want to agree with - we either follow all the words or we are not on the Lord's side. We need to make a decision who’s side we are on so when the time comes that we are put on the spot or have to make a decision it has already been made.

The right decision isn’t always the popular one. We have to remember do we fear God more than man? Then it doesn’t matter if we are looked down on or less liked by others because we have chosen to defend God. What God thinks is most important not man.

The Lord speaks to His prophets and apostles and the words they speak over the pulpit are His words and what he wants us to hear at this time. When we sustain the prophet and his apostles then we sustain their words as well. If we disagree with the prophet and his apostles then we disagree with the Lord and we are not sustaining His prophet and apostles.

We may be placed in awkward situations where we are confronted by others about our beliefs or values. It is important that we defend what is right and stay true to the gospel. If we are looked down upon for doing so then those relationships with the individuals who mock are not worth maintaining. If we support and sustain the prophet and the Lord, then we must support and sustain their words as well.

Anytime we disagree with the prophet, his counselors and called leaders, then we place ourselves in a dangerous and vulnerable circumstance to be easily influenced by the adversary and swept away in his deceit. If we pray to have an understanding of the words of the prophet, his counselors and our leaders then the Holy Ghost will provide that understanding to us.

In these last days we need to be prepared to stand strong and firm in defending what we believe. It will not be easy and we will not always be popular but we will be held accountable for our actions and how we have influenced others.

The lyrics to the hymn "Who's on the Lord's side?" have been strong on my mind. I think they sum this message up best.

Who's on the Lord's Side?

(1st vs)

Who's on the Lord's side, who?

Now is the time to show

We ask it fearlessly

Who's on the Lord's side, who?

We wage no common war

Cope with no common foe

The enemy's awake

Who's on the Lord's side, who?

(4th vs)

The powers of earth and hell

In rage direct the blow

That's aimed to crush the work

Who's on the Lord's side, who?

Truth, life and liberty

Freedom from death and woe

Are stakes we're fighting for

Who's on the Lord's side, who?

In these last days as they get worse, people will either be on the Lord's side or the adversary's side (even if they don't realize it). There will be no middle. Ask yourself now, "Who's side am I on?" "Do my actions represent the side I want to be on?" Make that choice today so you don't find yourself in a place you don't want to be. I know that by doing so you will be greatly blessed. Remember, there is safety, protection and peace on the Lord's side, something you won't find on the adversary's side. This I say in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

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